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guniea pig

  1. L

    Would a 72" long x 29.5" high x 20 deep dresser hold a c&c cage, if so, what c&c cage?

    Hi, Would a 72" long x 29.5" high x 20 deep dresser hold a c&c cage, if so, what c&c cage? I want a dresser, and math is difficult for me, so would this work? Edit... nvm can't get it
  2. H

    Guniea pig

    My male guniea pig is bleeding from his nipples. I don’t know how old he is he was my dads before my dad passed
  3. D

    Which rodent species can be kept in the same room as guinea pigs?

    Hi I currently own a pair of gerbils and I am hoping to get some guinea pigs in the near future. I was just wondering if theses animals can be kept in the same room (in separate cages)? Are they likely to pass diseases to one another? Would they disturb or stress each other? Further in the...
  4. Bungie bunnies

    Just wondering?

    I’ve looked at the guniea pig cage sizes and know roughly how many I could have in my cage! but I was wondering on your own personal opinions my cage is 6,8ft long by 3,4ft wide with a second level of approx. 4ft x 2ft so the base is roughly 23.12 sq ft and the level is 8 sq ft so all together...
  5. Piggyowner3000

    Nibbles ❤️😢

    My munchkin nibbles does not too long ago and I cry atleast once a day. I truly wish there was a way I can have closure. We already buried him and said our goodbyes but somethings missing. My Tribute I made of him 😢❤️
  6. Meghan

    Introducing a pig to a bun

    Hello :) I have 3 little female piggies who are my babies! I’ve recently adopted a mini lop bunny who is living in a separate cage to the pigs but I would like to introduce them to each other and have play dates. Is there any tips or advice? :) Thank you x
  7. E

    Piggy has green crust on nose, please help!

    I am a fairly new owner and I do not know everything about Guinea pigs. My one pig Totoro has green crust around her left nostril, and occasionally seems to breath a bit heavy. That could be because i turn on the heater in my room but, she also sneezes, and tries to wipe her nose. I do not know...
  8. T

    Snow Bites

    I have had a guniea pig before and When I got a new one in the beginning she wouldn't bite me and she will let me grab her now it's been about a month and shes been biting me really hard as i am leaving her at her cage that I'm scared to grab her. I know it's not because she wants to pee...