1. Puddles1999

    Pointy poop?

    Lately I’ve been seeing these kinds of poops in my girls cage. There are two girls housed together and then I have another by her self right by the other girls. Anyways, I’ve been noticing these kinds of poops in the cage where I have two girls. Some poops are normal and then others look like...
  2. threelittlebubs

    Could I Get Some Help With Critical Care Dosage?

    My girl has been getting CC for 2 days plus water to top her off. She is eating and drinking but not enough, her poop is still somewhat dry and her urine is dark. She will eat leafy veg and cucumber but not much luck with anything else. I've been giving her 3-5 ml every 3 hours today, and I'm...
  3. Molly Isabella

    Guinea Pig Won't Eat Hard Foods?

    Hi everyone! Okay, so my piggie Kenco has not been right for a while. She seemed to be losing weight and not eating hard foods. By that I mean the foods like carrot, cucumber, pepper. Anything with a bite to it, really. She devours her greens, loves them. So, of course I took her to the exotic...
  4. Piggiemum7

    Bloating :(

    Ben has been eating drinking fine and having normal bodily functions up until this morning. I counted 13 poos in his cage from last night and since then there's only been about 3! Took him to the vet who felt around and said he felt some sort of lump or blockage (I think it's a hardened poo, he...