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  1. P

    Strange yellow gunk on cavys rear

    Can anyone help me identify what this is? Could it be a scab or simply dirty fur?
  2. ashimay

    Crust and sore on the nose!

    On Friday I noticed that one of my guinea pig’s fur on the nose had gone slightly yellow and a little crusty (as can be seen in the first two photos). His breathing sounded just fine and his eyes showed no signs of cloudiness, discharge, watering etc, he has been eating and behaving as normal...
  3. R

    Piggy seems quite sick, need advice quickly!

    I know the first thing everyone will say is take them to the VET, i will explain why i'm having issues with this. I've had 2 young piggies for around a month now, within the first couple of days i noticed one of them was highly energetic and twitchy, sneezing, lazy eyes (squinting a lot, just...
  4. Kyubi0302

    Red marks on nose , please help

    Hello everyone! I'm so glad that I found this site... Its 4 am here and I noticed my guinea pig has red Mark's on her nose. She had a weird crusty nose a few days ago and I put some fungus cream on it because other owners told me she had a fungal infection. I bought her from petsmart and ever...
  5. elris

    please help - itchy guinea pig after arrival of new companion

    hello, i have recently bought a baby guinea pig to be a companion for my one year old lola. from the day that i got her, lola has begun scratching pretty heavily, mainly around her nose and towards her back. i’ve never seen her do this before. i bought a flea/mite treatment and used it on both...
  6. T

    Sneezing for weeks?

    Good evening everyone! My name is Kris. I've got 3 beautiful female piggies, but my baby Oreo (I'm not quite sure of her age, but my guess would be about 3 months old) has been sneezing for exactly 22 days now. The minute I'd first noticed, I took her straight to the vet, who put her on 2 weeks...
  7. A

    Ozzy has pneumonia!

    I'm so upset. My rescue Ozzy has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Just got back from one of the recommended exotic vets where he was on oxygen, given 2 injections to hydrate him, given antibiotics, gut stimulant and syringe fed. He's on Sulfatrim twice a day for a week and taking him back the vets...
  8. Micela

    Guinea pigs Bad luck

    hello, i'll keep it short and simple, within about 9 months time ive gone through about 4 guinea pigs and all of them just seem to get sick and die. i had hani who had a urinary infection and i got rid of it.. then a few months later she died of unknown causes after going to the vet and the vet...
  9. Hannah2803

    Cold and scratched eye

    Hi all, I’m new here but am getting concerned about my piggy, Joey. I noticed he had lost his appetite on Thursday night and by Friday night had near enough stopped eating altogether. When i got him out for cuddles Friday night to try and force food into him i noticed his eye was clouded and...
  10. Alexandra West

    Weird bump on the chin?

    Hey! Finnains birthday is in Friday but I've noticed this... Thing on his chin? He had it a few weeks ago and lost the fur around it but then the fur grew back and now the fir is disappearing and the lump is returning? It's giving his fur a yellow-ish tint? Any help? Like always I'm kinda tight...
  11. A

    Urgent Enquiry: Vet needed in/near Leeds

    Sorry to be spamming this request but I urgently need a recommended vet, preferably in Leeds. The vet locator on this forum is out of date and Sergio Silvetti no longer works at Holly House, Leeds. I am wondering if anyone knows of a vet they could recommend in or around the Leeds area or...
  12. L

    Runny nose

    The only times he has runny nose is only when he's in his cage and even then it doesn't happen often (what the cage contains: litter, his own pillow and hay), but when he goes out everything is fine again. Should I change something in the cage? Or is it something worse?
  13. ChubbyCarrots

    Overweight guinea pig?

    Hello, for a while Coco has been overweight, ever since he was 1 he was overweight but he has reached the peak. He looks like a cuboid now, he drags his dewlap as it is so big. For the past two months we have stopped feeding him carrots in hopes that he would lose weight. Unfortunately we see no...
  14. T

    Constant Grunting?

    Hi, My 4 y/o piggie Hazel has a huge tumour which she's had for two years, so she's on painkillers twice a day and she's a very busy, happy pig. This morning we noticed she's making a constant grunting noise and we were concerned she might be in pain so we took her to the vets. It was a...
  15. M

    Fungal infection from being damp - itchy piggy

    Hi! I thought I'd post here in the hope someone might be able to help. My 3 year year old girl has a bad fungal infection. She's been dipping her chin so much in the water that she's given herself a fungal infection from the skin being wet. I treated her with topical ivectmin and I'm currently...
  16. rinlalin

    The Health of PetSmart Piggies

    hello all, as you know I've bought two piggies from petsmart already. I took the first one, pepé, back a few days after and he died within 48 hours. my second piggie, bootsy, got sick a few days after and was taken back to see the vet. bootsy died this morning after nearly a week in their care...
  17. rinlalin

    New Piggie Won't Eat Timothy Hay?

    hello all! i got a new piggie today to be a buddy for my bootsy, but when i went to pick him up, the cage he was in had NO timothy hay whatsoever. just pellets and water. the pigs were all healthy and plump, so it's not looking like they were starving. the boy i picked out ate some pellets on...
  18. P

    Open Wound on Guinea Pig

    One of my guinea pigs is 3 and 1/2 years old and has recently acquired a large wound on her side. It is still open and has been there for 3-4 weeks and she will not let it heal. Any advice?
  19. rinlalin

    Guinea Pig Breathing? Problems or OK?

    hi all, my last post was about my guinea pig purring when i gave him back scratches. sadly you guys told me those were scared noises! i came in earlier to check on him (as of right now, he is alone and won't have a buddy until tomorrow) and saw him breathing like this. is this just deep...
  20. M

    Enrobactin For Guinea Pigs

    Hi all We have recently taken out pigs to the vets and one has been prescribed virbac enrobactin. The vet has told us to administer 0.7ml by syringe daily. On the box for the medication and in the instructions it says to dilute the solution but the vet didn't mention this at all and we are...