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  1. S

    Constant Rumble Strutting

    I have two girls Rupert and Jerry (they are both over 2 years old) every few weeks Rupert will rumble strut and Jerry and climb on her side and make the constant purring nose just strutting around the cage, but recently she started rumble strutting as per usual but it hasn’t gone away she has...
  2. Xmolxlie

    Renal failure in guinea pigs

    Hi, My guinea pig Foxy is 4 1/2 years old, and in the last couple of days he’s seemed to lose interest in food and not be as bothered about even his favourite veggies, he’ll have a few small bites and give up. He’s also been more lethargic and sleeping in his safe space that he enjoys. I was...
  3. R

    Rough-looking Patch By Nipple

    Hi all, Just made this account because I’m worried about my guinea pig and am not sure if this is cause for concern. I’m new to raising piggies, and would be grateful for any thoughts on this. My girl is just a couple months old, and I was trying to take a closer look at her nipples because I...
  4. S

    Guinea Pig Head Tilt/Falling Over

    Hello everyone! My 6 year old piggy, Paco, woke up today with a head tilt. He can stand okay, but when he tries to walk, he falls over. About 2 years ago, he had an ear infection and that ear has seemed to bother him a bit ever since. He has been able to eat some hay. I'm just incredibly...
  5. L

    Guinea Pig Water in Ears

    Hello! My guinea pig has a very shiny inside ear, and when she shakes her head water comes out. there may be water stuck on the inside. any way to fix this?
  6. thepiggies

    Big guinea pig?

    I have a herd of 4 - one neutered boar and three sows. I recently noticed 1 year old, Athena, getting bigger. At first I was scared of pregnancy, but I’ve checked many times, and am positive everyone besides Bunny (the neutered boar) is female. My next thought was bloating, however when I felt...
  7. D

    ! - Help/ Advice needed! Bump/Lump on guineapig back!

    Hi everyone, it's my first post on here! I have an issue with my guinea pig and am curious to know if anyone had a familiar issue like this with their guinea pig? Yesterday I had noticed a bump/lump on my guineapig's back. When touching it, my guineapig seemed very irritated by it. He is...
  8. C

    Pollen or heart issue?

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading through threads to see if I could find anything similar to what my guinea pig is going through! It all started about 3 months ago that I noticed my guinea pig before bed started to make a hooting noise and almost cracking with her breathing. However this then...
  9. raviesa

    Soft poop post-antibiotics

    Hello everyone! I have a senior male guinea pig (he's becoming 7 years old soon) and around 2 days ago he stopped his medical treatment with enro flec (enrofloxacin). About two weeks ago he was suffering with otitis, but with ear liquid drainage and antibiotics he's having good results. The...
  10. P

    My guinea pig is acting really weird

    So my Guinea pig ( Bo) is a very skittish, like you walk near the cage and he goes zooming. Eveytime I get to pet him he runs away, even when I offer him food. Today though, my mom woke up to feed them but Bo was laying down and not moving, my mom got super close and even tried moving his body...
  11. E

    Knowing when to let go - Piggy with recurring stones

    My piggy - Chuck, is only 2 years old. Last July 2020 he developed his first UTI which was treated effectively. In March this year we spotted blood in his urine and him making squeaking noises when weeing, this was discovered to be a bladder stone. We put him through a cystotomy and he recovered...
  12. L

    HELP! My guinea pig is losing weight, has scabbing? on his feet, and his skin looks kind of pale.

    His water has vitamin C in it, and he is drinking and eating regularly, but his poops are smaller than normal. If you have any ideas on what I should do, please let me know!
  13. PipandOreo

    White spot on guinea pigs nose

    Hi, whilst holding Oreo today (about 20 mins ago!) I found a weird spot on her nose. Its white and feels solid, she doesn’t seem in pain when I touch it. I haven’t noticed it before and hold her everyday, so I think it’s appeared very recently. She’s otherwise her normal self, eating and...
  14. J

    Can I pick wild forage safely?

    my guinea pig has a good diet of shopbought veggies however I want to add more variety. Can I pick dandelions and greens from down my local park and woods? Dogs go there but there are secluded patches. I am worried about there being disease or something on the plants from other wild animals! Is...
  15. G

    Strange poop?

    Hi, I’m a first time guinea owner and I’m worried about my (female) GP poop. I’ve attached a image. It’s all from her. She doesn’t seem to be in discomfort when going, and is going regularly. Please help!
  16. Tlong

    Should you separate cage mates if one may be sick

    I noticed one of my boys Monty started wheezing this evening. He is still running around and eating no eye drainage or cough but occasionally is wheezing. There isn’t an emergency vet near me for exotics so I have to wait till the morning to call and get him in. I just wondered if I should...
  17. N

    malocclusion: what do I do?

    Hello, my name is Ewa and my guinea pig is Apollo! He’s a 6 year old white crested boy. Yes he’s an old guy. So Apollo has malocclusion and has had his back teeth done 3 times over the past 2 and a half months. He is also developing problems with his front teeth growing unequally and the top...
  18. vvipb

    Does my guinea pig have a heart condition?

    Hi, I’m new to forums and stuff so bear with me. So a couple hours ago, I woke up in the night and heard a weird short moaning sound that kept repeating coming from my guinea pig cage, I got my two guinea pigs out (both females) and realised one of them kept on making a hooting kind of sound...
  19. Kirbs

    help asap pls, eye problem

    So earlier today we noticed Blueberry's eye looked a bit funny and throughout the day it got progressively worse. I just went to check on him and it's all red and he seems to struggle with keeping it open. I've checked multiple times and there doesn't seem to be anything in it. He has a dodgy...
  20. G

    Guinea Pig Neurological Issues?

    Hi! My 5 year old Guinea Pig has been to the vet twice lately due to weight loss, drooling, and lower energy levels. They couldn’t find a specific issue, but since the visits, he has been slowly recovering. However, recently, I’ve noticed that he seems to have trouble walking normally, has some...