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health and illness

  1. 23hp

    Guineapig care w/ pneumonia

    I just found out my pig, harry, has pneumonia. Since it is contagious I was wondering if i had to seperate my piggies at all times because since I do only have 2 pigs I don't want them to get depressed. :( If this is the case should I get another guinea pig for my healthy one? So far she has no...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Eye mass?

    Hi guys, Long time no see and Happy New Year! I just want to start by saying I have contacted Cat and Rabbit Clinic for an appointment. Waiting to hear back. And my colleagues at my veterinary practice have given me some eye drops to keep it comfortable. Anyway, Stitch my youngest boys is...
  3. G

    Oxbow Critical Care

    Hi, I have a 2 year old Guinea pig that won’t eat or drink. He’s been given an antibiotic for URI. And was given fluids under his skin. I was told by my vet to give him oxbow critical care. I had some, but it was for OMNIVORES. My vet said that was okay, but the bag doesn’t have a Guinea pig on...
  4. K

    HELP! Guineapig not eating and teeth are blackish from the tips!

    Hai, My girl has been not eating properly in the past few days and I've been feeding her critical care. She's lost some weight too so I've been keeping an eye on her weight . She's not eating the hay and tries to eat the salads but gives up . The vet is so far from where I live as in the uk...
  5. P

    Help! 4 months of Diarrhoea!

    Hi. We have had our new pig since August. We got him at 1yr old from a rescue as a friend for our lone boar when his cage mate passed away. Since having him hes never had a normal poop. At first we thought it was stress of new environment but when it didn’t settle we took him to the vet who...
  6. S

    Urgent Help Needed: My 7-Year-Old Guinea Pig CC is in Poor Health, No Vet and Limited Funds - Need Advice!

    Hey, I'm really worried about my guinea pig, CC, who is 7 years old. He's breathing a bit noisily, and while his Bumblefoot on his back feet is getting better (no more white sores), his front feet are now showing symptoms like redness and swelling. His back legs are weak as well. Unfortunately...
  7. mordeandrigs

    Black Mold Exposure?

    I had made another thread asking for help about some of the strange behaviors and symptoms I was seeing in my 2 boars the past few weeks, which goes a lot more in depth on everything that’s been going on. Since that thread, my quarterly inspection at my apartment done by maintenance found what...
  8. mordeandrigs

    Two piggies showing signs of illness, vet didn't find anything wrong, I'm very stressed

    Hi there, everyone. I am not a new viewer of the forum but I am new to posting. I haven't been able to find exactly the answers I'm looking for so I figured I would sign up and start my own thread. There is clearly something going on with my piggies but I am not sure what. Please bare with me, I...
  9. B

    Eye help!

    20230826-003401 hosted at ImgBB 20230826-003423 hosted at ImgBB So I noticed tonight while giving Gizmo a little health check he has a spot in his eye. It seems to be inside in the pupil area it doesn't look like it's on the surface. It wasn't there a few days ago last time I gave him a check...
  10. cinnamon7

    guinea pig breathing weird

    i got a new guinea pig today and he breathes like this not all the time tho. sounds like he has a blocked nose 20 August 2023
  11. A

    Not eating hay even after dental surgery!

    Hi! My 7.5 y/o guin pig Nut has been refusing to eat hay for a while - while having a monster appetite for anything that isn't hay (pellets, veg, critical care, joint supplements I feed him). After a visit to the vet we found out that he has overgrown molars trapping his tongue, and today he...
  12. M

    2 Guinea pigs died suddenly

    Hi my friend’s Guinea pigs died suddenly both around 10 months old about 2 days ago he noticed they looked thinner but gave them more food and a few extra peppers and that seemed to work today around less then 2 hours ago he called me (I’ve had my Guinea pigs longer so he wanted my advice) he...
  13. S

    Guinea Pig has a whistle like noise to her breathing at times?

    Hi! Please excuse if I sound panicky during this, this just started happening today and I'm so scared for my little 4 year old baby. Her name is Candy, she started having a slight whistle to her breathing (which she's breathing normally, no wheezing) and has been a bit sneezy today (accompanied...
  14. Ono&Lennon

    Please help! Guinea pig with lumpy, swollen protruding penis

    This is my 4.5 year old skinny pig Lennon. Last night i noticed two smallish firm, white lumps on the base of his penis. His penis is also red, somewhat swollen and sticking out. He is eating, drinking and running around just fine and does not seem to be bothered by it at all. We are calling...
  15. Bethan

    Enlarged lymph nodes and balding flanks on our 3.5 year old sow

    Hi all, Our 3.5 year old sow, Clarice, has this week developed swollen / enlarged lymph nodes. I lost my 5 year old boat to lymphoma last year so immediately I am in panic mode. I also this week have noticed that Clarice seemed to have “crusty” nipples and balding flanks / hips. Our regular...
  16. H

    Guinea pig vet and health query

    Helloooo I’m wondering thoughts and I’m also probably going to vent/release stress too. After I had to have my beautiful Eddie put to sleep, I got another boy for my Teddie, call Errik. When I brought him home in November he clearly was right, as he kept sneezing and snorting. I took him to the...
  17. P

    White Eye Discharge Closes Eye Shut

    Hello Everyone, My guinea pig has been experiencing white eye discharge that he doesn't seem to clean when it happens and it causes him to shut his eye when it happens. It seems to be making him uncomfortable. I have took him to the vet and everything checked out to be in good health but the...
  18. E

    Small poo and loosing weight

    PLEASE HELP❤️❤️❤️ Hi I’m new to this page! So my piggie Ralph is 3 year old male and has always had a real personality! Very loving boy! I’ve come home from uni for Xmas and he’s lost a lot of weight so being the piggie mum I am I’ve ordered him new toys and supplements. He’s not lonely as he’s...
  19. basicpiggies

    Question about prescription

    Hi all! My guinea pig has been refusing hay and chewing very oddly. For a day, she actually had a head tilt and then the next day it was gone and hadn’t returned. We concluded that she was definitely bothered by something in her mouth and either in pain or very uncomfortable. She went to an...
  20. rubberduckytoy

    Weird Thing on my Guinea Pig’s Eye!

    A couple days ago I noticed my baby Ramen’s eye was looking weird and I looked all over the internet to try and find out what’s wrong with her but never found anything. :td: Her behavior hasn’t changed much and she still takes care of herself like before, but she hates it when I try to touch...