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  1. S

    Bloat? Pregnant? Tumor?

    So i’ve had my guinea pig Lucy since January 11th 2024, and she’s been acting very normal and she’s actually pretty happy, though I went on a camping trip for about 6 days and I had my cousin provide them with vegetables, tbough i packed a lot more veggies than she and her sister should’ve eaten...
  2. B

    please help!

    I’m new to this site and thought I’d come on here for some much needed advice. I have a 4 month old guinea pig (Poppy) and I’ve recently tried adding another (Gracie) who is a little over a year old. Gracie was surrendered by a family and has always lived alone in her cage. They’ve been in the...
  3. C

    Dry Guinea pig ears

    Hello, Recently my 6th month old Guinea pig’s ears have become quite dry and crusty. About 2 months ago he was treated at the vets for this around his eye. When I got treatment for him it was a tiny bottle which cost about £250 in vet bills so I really can’t spend that much again. I’m...
  4. T

    Help with abscess? on piggie

    I got a baby piggie a couple weeks ago, and just a week after there was a huge bump on her. Within the next 3 days it got super huge, skin was red, cut up and pus looked like it came out. Very thick pus. I didn’t touch it cus i didn’t know if it would be bad or good, and it scabbed up. It didn’t...
  5. G

    Need help please ! Lump on guinea pig´s leg

    Hello, I have had my guinea pig for 3 and a half years. It is quite hard for me to find a vet in my area that specializes in small animals like guinea pigs that is why I am writing here for help to determine if i should be concerned. This morning while clipping nails I found a lump on my guinea...
  6. WhileMyGuineaPigGentlyWheeks

    Struggling With My Male Guinea Pigs behavior

    Hello There! I’m Annie, I’ve been a Guinea Pig Mom since 2017. My Guinea Pig Story is a long one, been much heartache but so much love. I suffer with severe depression and anxiety, and they’re kind of emotional support for me. The only “therapy” that’s every helped me. To be able to love and...
  7. G

    Guinea Pigs and college(advice needed)

    Hello everyone! I am Addison, and I am considering getting Guinea pigs. I have done extensive research, and am very excited. Me and my sister are each getting one, but I’m a little worried about what to do when I go to college. I go to college in 2024, so in the next year-ish. My sister said...
  8. Mel P


    Hi Sadly I lost my handsome boy Guinea pig on Tuesday who was 2 years of age and feel heartbroken. I am really sad for my other boy who is also 2 and now alone. I’ve searched the internet looking for a rescue piggie or to foster but with no luck! Could anybody help me with this please I don’t...
  9. P

    Guinea pig hair and weight loss

    Hi. I have noticed that one of my female guinea pigs have been losing weight and hair, especially on her belly, but she has also lost hair in small patches on her back. She is very active and eats and drinks well, despite missing one of her lower teeth (she was missing the tooth when I adopted...
  10. Emilia_G

    Guinea pig hooting issue. Advice needed .

    Hello everyone! I’m a new guinea pig mom, got my two female piggies from my local pet store almost two weeks ago (Bean is 8 months old and Killie is 2 months old). The first two-three days everything was normal. After that, I noticed that Bean started making a hooting sound when she naps, kinda...
  11. R

    Static/hay mites and long haired guinea pigs

    Hello, We recently rehomed two long hair guinea pigs but have not introduced them to the rest of our herd yet as we noticed static/hay mites in their fur. They are both mostly white so it is noticeable. I relate to people describing it looking like someone has sprinkled pepper on them. We have...
  12. H

    College student with 3 skinny pigs

    Hi all, I'm gonna be using this today as a way or blogging the way I've been feeling recently towards the life of a mom of 3 skinnies. I got them during the summer when I was off of school so I was able to invest into them fully, being a new owner I never really knew what it took to handle 1...
  13. chocolatemilkshakeguineas

    Behaviour Change and Weight Loss

    My guinea pig Chocolate (almost 6 y/o) overcome mites a month ago and from that she had lost quite a bit of weight leaving her slightly bonier than usual. Overtime when she grew her hair back from the mites infestation, She started to look healthier and gaining more weight. Today I was feeding...
  14. X

    My guinea pig (Hestia) is sad

    I have 4 guinea pig, Hestia, Hermes, Hera, and Demeter. We first thought that hermes is a boy that was the seller told us along with Hestia (sorry for the bad English) yes Hestia is a boy. So we misgender hermes and got pregnant. 2 weeks before hermes give birth we got hera and Demeter. Hestia...
  15. Honey and Blossom

    What should a 10 week old Guinea pig weigh in grams?

    Hi, I just was wondering what a 10 week old Guinea Pig should weigh please? Thanks. :D😃
  16. D

    my new guinea pig isn’t eating or drinking.

    hello, i’ve got my first ever guinea pig (she’s a female) and she’s only 13 weeks old. i have a c&c cage for her and when i brant her home she ran straight to her hide house, i woke up this morning and she’s still in there... i took her out to check if she was ok, she’s very friendly and purred...
  17. Lauren22

    Is this bad urine?

    As from other post my older boar had recently had surgery for a bladder stone. Since he has been ok and not having many issues. Today I found his urine like this. I havnt found seen any problems with his urine recently and sadly he is still producing bladder sludge. He gets 1 slice of cucumber...
  18. S


    I recently got a guinea pig two days ago. Today I held her for the first time and she seemed pretty chill so I let her stay while I did work online for about 5 hours, she fell asleep in my sweatshirt pocket and whenever I put her back in her cage she whines to come out and tries to make me hold...
  19. H

    My cheddar

    Hi so I’ve had cheddar for a month and a few week however recently I’ve noticed he’s lying down a lot and making noises more than usual he also keeps scratching a lot and has a small bald patch behind his ear as well as he keeps grinding his teeth which I’ve read can be a sign of an injury or...
  20. K

    Don’t Know if I Should Rehome

    Hi, I have had my guinea pigs a little short of a year. I love them so much but I don’t know if I am the best owner for them. I am very busy and a teenager and I have school, sports, a job, and a jewelry buisness. I onlt end up cuddling with them about once a week and there cage is a mess. I...