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  1. L

    Guinea pig lying on its bacm

    Hello, I have 2 guinea pigs called Kenco and Crumpet. I got Kenco in September of 2016. This morning I got woken from my guineas really squealing so I rushed up and went to the cage. I loved Crumpet out of the way as my first thought was they where fighting. (They get along really well) I...
  2. P

    Pickering female Piggies

    Hi folks looking for some guidance I’ve had my two piggies for almost a year now. One is 2 and the other is 1, I adopted them from two different families a week apart and properly introduced them. We moved recently to a bigger home which meant they now have an entire room to themselves with...
  3. Nbw_835

    Fighting females

    I've had both my pigs for a while and they are comfortable with each other. I recently moved them into a new cage in a new house and they've been fighting a lot and I'm worried that they might hurt each other... do I need to separate them.