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help guineapig

  1. J

    Cyst filled with blood

    Hi guys! I’ve been very worried about my Guinea pig. Her name is munchie and she is around 6. We rescued her because the original owners didn’t want her so we took her in. My concern is that on her right side near her front foot kind of on her belly/armpit. There is a giant cyst that wasn’t...
  2. T

    My guinea pig died and now her sister is all alone, please help seeking advice

    I used to have 4 guinea pigs, over time they each passed away. When it came to only having 2 left, one of them had unfortunately a few days ago passed away, leaving only 1 behind. My guinea pig that is still alive was the last one I had ever gotten, so my 4th, she was a rescue and when I...
  3. S

    My last piggie

    Help me please! I had 3 Guinea pigs, now I am just down to 1 boar almost 6 years old now and don’t really have the money for a vet visit right now. I have noticed this week that his fur isn’t looking as healthy and when I picked him up, his belly was hard on both sides. He is still acting normal...
  4. rubberduckytoy

    Weird Thing on my Guinea Pig’s Eye!

    A couple days ago I noticed my baby Ramen’s eye was looking weird and I looked all over the internet to try and find out what’s wrong with her but never found anything. :td: Her behavior hasn’t changed much and she still takes care of herself like before, but she hates it when I try to touch...
  5. S

    Weird guinea pig behavior/aggression?

    Hi I have these two female guinea pigs named Shrimp and Kiwi and I’m not sure if they’re getting along together or not. Shrimp is older by 2 weeks and she’s a lot bigger than Kiwi but it appears that Kiwi is more dominant and when Kiwi gets up into Shrimp’s face Shrimp looks upward as if to say...
  6. preciousandsweetue

    Scared for my guiena.

    Hi so I made this post because I can’t find much information on safari but I check my guiena pigs vaginal area often as one time my one guiena girl got hay stuck in there so I just want to be cautious now. So I just hold them rocking them back gently and check the area to make sure no infection...
  7. O

    Emergency URGENT: I need advice on very sick guinia pig

    I have had my guinea pig Ophelia for about 3 years now, and in this time she has had a long history of illnesses. Around Christmas time of last year my other pig Hamlet passed :(( after this happened it seems that Ophelia has gotten worse. Very soon after his death, her eye began to get...
  8. W

    Urgent: Huge Bump On Guinea Pig

    Hello, I have 3 guinea pigs and one of them just grew a giant bump, I’ve removed it once already and she did not show any sign of pain or stress, after removing most of what was inside it came back a month later, can anyone tell me what the bump is and what I should do