1. cinnymonroe

    Sick guinea pig or just hiccups?

    Hello all! I have a very scary situation happening with my one year old guinea pig. She suddenly went in her hut and started to have clicking to her breath and she occasionally has a low wheek and jumps a little with each wheek. It kind of sounds like hiccups, but when I pet her she wheeks...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Not Urgent Just Curious To Be Honest. Hiccups.

    So I was always confused/worried when I saw Mo (my boar) stand still and sort of 'bounce' I suppose. I don't know how to explain what happens and he can walk etc whilst it's happening but it is like little jumps. I went to the almighty google- ha ha- and apparently it's hiccups...which greatly...
  3. PeanutandGus


    Sorry this might seem a bit trivial but I'm still new to piggy owning! I was just sat next to the boys cage talking to them (a bit crazy I know) and Gus sounded like he had the hiccups, it was a strange noise that I hadn't heard before and all I can describe it as is like a human hiccup...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Piggy Hiccups?

    So I've noticed recently that my girl Toast seems to be getting hiccups after eating her vegetables. I'm not even sure if it is hiccups, can guinea pigs get hiccups? It only seems to be after she's ate (usually eats her veggies very quickly) she seems to make this coughing sound for a minute or...