1. L

    F10 aerosol fogger and ringworm

    Has anyone used the F10 aerosol fogger in a house before please? I'm having a nightmare with ringworm. I'm cleaning with F10 and washing on 60C and doing an imaverol dip every 3 days and I've still found a new patch of ringworm and they've had 3 washes so far. I'm wondering if anyone knows what...
  2. L

    Bathing Temperature Advice Please

    I need to bathe my guinea pigs in imaverol due to ringworm. But I'm unsure of what temperature the water should be please? The internet says test it with your elbow to check it's not too warm or too cold. But what's too warm or too cold please? I don't want to overheat them or freeze them.
  3. L

    Imaverol Help

    Hi. So my two guinea pigs have got ringworm. If I used imaverol every 3 days do I still need to apply cream etc? I've read the thread on ringworm but I can't get the oral medication from my vets, they don't tend to offer it. How do you wash them with imaverol properly without getting it in...
  4. buttonlove

    Fungal Infection & Fleece Tips?

    So, it's been almost two months now since my girls first showed signs of their fungal infection. All three have had it at one stage, Daphne (the youngest) fortunately seems clear of it. Clara & Arabella with topical medication twice daily have seemed to be improving until a couple of weeks ago...