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  1. Flinty

    Dog safe indoor guinea pig set ups?

    Hello, lovely people! I may soon be moving house, and in the new home I will finally be able to have my own dog (something I've thought about every day for a good few years) I have two guinea pigs who currently live in a 6X2 CC enclosure, and I'm looking for ways in the new home for the...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Outside or Inside?

    I’m having a bit of a dilemma at the moment and I’m honestly torn. I have kept all of my Guinea pigs indoors and they’ve all occupied my bedroom- a nice warm room that I frequent so they get human interaction loads and I can cuddle them as much as I want lol. I love having them next to...
  3. P


    So excited for Friday when the guinea pigs new cage arrives! Been saving so hard for this💖
  4. NatalieW

    Pigs Living Inside With Indoor Only Cats

    Hi everyone. My Mum has been looking after my two remaining elderly guinea pigs, who have always lived outside. she has brought them back to me today, and we both think they are too old and it is too cold for them to be outside now. Matilda has been acting very slow and I think its better if...
  5. Hlao-roo

    New Cage

    Hi I'm wanting a new cage for my 3 boars. They're currently in a one-story 5x2 C&C cage but I'm not comfortable with it as it doesn't seem sturdy enough and bits keep popping out of the connectors, and I really hate the correx / plastic stuff! I've found this one online: Lounge Small Pet Cage...
  6. court29x

    Ready For Their Holibobs!

    The girls are settling in quite nicely to their indoor cage ready to stay at my sisters on a little holiday while we go on holiday! We don't go until Sunday but I thought it would be a good idea to let them have a few days in their cage to get used to it. Tomorrow I'm off out shopping and I'm...
  7. tackyberry

    How Cold Is Too Cold?

    Hi very simple question, and I know you're going to give me the perfect 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit but i need to know if worse comes to worse what is TOO cold for a single, long haired, indoor guinea (also too hot if you will). :luv:Please and Thank You!:luv:
  8. bumbling-bambi

    Worming And Flea Treating Indoor Piggies?

    So i have two young boars and this is the first time i have kept piggies indoors so i am wondering should i be worming and flea treating my boys? Am i a terrible piggie mum for not doing so? The only creatures other than them living with me is a snake and my boyfriend so I'm not sure? I groom...
  9. bumbling-bambi

    Smelly Cage = Grumpy Boars?

    So just as a quick disclaimer i am aware that boars can be grouchy and that dominance plays a big part in this! I know who is the dominant pig and who is the submissive but i was just wondering if anyone else finds this! Also i apologise in advance for the novel i am about to write! So my boys...
  10. W

    Moving Guinea Pigs Inside

    Hi there just after some advice. Because of weather turning cold I've just moved my guinea pigs inside for the winter, they got a nice big hutch on a stand in a hallway. The only problem is the hallway has no windows and has a door at the end of the hallway with 4 panes of glass in it so it's...
  11. Guineapigfeet

    Indoor Grass Time

    Picked the girls some grass instead of putting them in their run the evening (as I want to watch the olympics !)
  12. Guineapigfeet

    The Girls In Their Indoor Cage

    Just a few pics of my girls in their indoor cage. I am so in awe of everyone who manages to get nice, close, *in focus* pictures of their piglets! Rey and a peep from BB An out of focus nose but look at those feets! Slightly odd look from BB Chewie All three
  13. Chewbacca2004

    Paddling Pool Indoor Floor Time

    Hello Recently i have been finding lots of suggestions and pins on pinterest about keeping your guineas in a paddling pool (as an enclosure: not swimming:nod:) inside i was thinking that i could pop the guineas in a paddling pool with their toys and hideys as i kind of indoor run whilst the...
  14. R

    Indoor Cage Confusion... What To Buy?

    Hi Everyone, first of all I am new to the site so sorry if I am re-hashing any old posts. For Christmas my partner surprised me with 2 adorable female piggies who are now around 5 months old. They came with a Ferplast 80 which they are quickly getting to big for. I have spent hours looking at...
  15. MrsPhoebeBee

    Struggling With Indoor Cage Options-please Help!

    Hi everyone :) This is my first post! I have three piggies, Wolfgang, a nearly 4 year old male and Bonnie & Flo, 2 and half month old girls. Wolfgang's friend (and my baby pig) George sadly died a couple of weeks ago :( Wolfgang and George didn't really get on (read-tried to kill each other)...