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  1. F

    Guinie pig head tilt

    My guinie pig has some sort of head tilt and I don't know if it's something wrong he dosent eat anymore and my vets in my area are closed. Let me know what he has.
  2. B

    Atherosclerosis caused by infection

    Hello, Yesterday I lost one of my two guinea pigs (4.5 years) due to calcified aorta, leading to heart disease. My vet thinks the original cause is a past unnoticed infection - one that caused inflammation of the aorta and then calcification. But I cannot find any info on the web for such a...
  3. nwarne

    Eye Infection

    Is it okay if my 6 month old female Guinea pig has had an eye infection a second time after having it just a month ago.
  4. R

    Baby Guinea pig might have UTI, Need help asap

    My baby guinea pig , born 15 days ago, was squeaking( cry like) since 2-3 days when peeing yesterday I was worried so i picked it up and found some red colored, blood like, thin urine. I think he is having UTI, so I decided to go to vet, who isn't experience. here in my city there are no...
  5. Emilia_G

    Guinea pig hooting issue. Advice needed .

    Hello everyone! I’m a new guinea pig mom, got my two female piggies from my local pet store almost two weeks ago (Bean is 8 months old and Killie is 2 months old). The first two-three days everything was normal. After that, I noticed that Bean started making a hooting sound when she naps, kinda...
  6. NikolT

    Bladder stone surgery recovery? 🐹

    Hi, I wanted to ask if anybody has experience with recovery from a bladder stone surgery? My boy Garry had 2 little stones and an infection. The surgery was 10 days ago. He is still on antibiotics (Enrobactin) and some pain meds (loxicom) but he still squeaks a lot from pain when defecating... 🙁...
  7. CharliePig

    Little Black scab looking thing on my Piggie's foot

    Hello, my Guinea pig has a small black scab looking thing at the top of his toenail, where it meets the foot. I have gently cleaned it, put a little Neosporin on it, and cleaned up his cage. I'm worried that it is an infection. Is there a way to clean it better or take care of it? I've heard of...
  8. A

    Help Needed!

    My piggy has a crusty infection of some kind. I have no idea what it is? Any ideas/treatments?
  9. amyhr95

    Squeaky Pig, But Not The Good Squeaks

    My guinea pig Smudge appears to be making some odd squeaks lately. It started two weeks ago and I initially thought it may be early signs of an upper respiratory infection, therefore took him to the vets to get checked. They checked everything; heart, lungs, teeth, poops, and felt for any lumps...