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  1. Adelyn

    The Inside Outside Game

    I just thought of a game. It's pretty simple. The first person names something found inside. The next person must name something found OUTSIDE, starting with the last letter of the previous word. Example: Person 1, something found inside: Lamp. Person 2, something found outside: Puffin...
  2. B

    Very sensitive to smells

    Hi, our family is looking into getting guinea pigs. But we want little to no smell as it will get irritating to be smelling poo, urine and hay all the time. We are thinking about getting two sows and keeping them in the spare bedroom on the top floor of the house, away from the main body of the...
  3. K

    Weather And Moving Inside

    so, it’s been decided.. my 3 boys will be occupying the downstairs bathroom until this weather clears! I can’t sleep knowing they are outside in the cold! Anything I should know? I’m worried about bringing them from a heated shed into a warm centrally heated house.. will it shock them or will...
  4. sparkle

    Outdoors To Indoors

    I currently have 2 guinea pigs who have been leaving outside for a few years now. I'm considering purchasing a new hutch for them soon as I am hoping to be able to afford to upgrade to a two floor hutch soon however, I have been thinking about bringing my guinea pigs inside for a while now and...
  5. Guineapigfeet

    Officially Indoor Pigs! (v Wordy!)

    When I got my three girls the intention was always to keep them outside in a pig shed, which I had had made specially, partly due to my OH's hay fever. We realised in the summer that the position of the shed meant it was going to get far too hot and I scrambled for a c&c as a summer house. So...
  6. Bella123

    Dry Skin Inside Of Ear

    Hi, I am new owner of two beautiful guinea pigs which I've had for just coming up to 4 weeks now. I was examining one of the guinea pigs and I noticed she has slightly dry skin in her ear, the other ear is fine. There is also what appears to be a very tiny spot inside her ear too which I'm...