1. GuineaMom1106

    Bonding Pigs

    So I have 3 female guinea pigs. We got 2 together and they're about 10 weeks old. After about a month of having them we decided to add a 3rd pig. We adopted an older pig, at least year old. I read many forums about how to introduce pigs and help them get along. From what I read it's easiest to...
  2. Alex Martin

    Need Help With Introducing Two Males

    I have 2 male Guinea pigs, both from the same store and same cage but bought a week and a half apart. The smaller 10 month old ones name is shaggy and the bigggggg 1 year olds name is scooby. I got shaggy first and he acts like a moody teen but he's getting a lot nicer everyday so i figured I'd...
  3. Louspiggs

    Boar Bonding

    i currently have 2 male guinea pigs in a 2x5 grid cage(plus a 1x3 upstairs). they are 13 weeks old and get on well being brothers. one of them is clearly more dominant. i am thinking about bringing in a 10 week old boar and i have a store bought cage that he can be kept in for a short while...
  4. crnyng

    Introducing Girls Together Advice Please!

    I own 2 around 1 year old girls who I aqcuired together, they have been together since I'm sure they can remember. I also recently aquired two new girls, perhaps around 5-7 months old. The two pairs were separate for the first two months and I recently introduced them. On the floor they were...
  5. Xilvey

    Using Olbas Oil?

    Hi guys! I was told today that if you put albus oil in your cage, it will neutralize smells so that there's nothing to bicker about, especially when introducing new guinea pigs. I personally would of thought it would be really bad for their little lungs and if guinea pigs are gonna get along...