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  1. Domzalm1

    Girl and Boy bonding

    Hi everyone, wondered if someone can help. I have just introduced a boy to a girl yesterday. They have bren with me for a while. Boy was neutered good few months back and i have decided to put them together now (yeeey) but.... as expected there was a lot of humping and rumbling some teeeth...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    New Friends since losing Bear and Lottie, Possibly combing two pairs?

    Sadly for Anya and Aurora, They have now lost their two cage mates, Bear and Lottie in a space of a few weeks, Obviously this has been an upsetting time for everyone, But I'm thinking mostly about how the girls are dealing with losing Bear. Since we now have two pairs, Anya and Aurora and Baby...
  3. N

    Gerbil - Lonley Gerbil After Gerbil Death

    So we had a pair of female gerbils up until recently when one passed away. The other is now lonely and We are wondering if she will be okay. We have another pair of gerbils who are her sisters which we separated from the other pair about a year or two ago because they started fighting. So we...
  4. C

    Seperate Cages But Same Floor Time?

    I have four guinea pigs, and they are in pairs in different cages. I started off with the two and adopted one more which didn't get along with the two original ones so I bought a fourth one to keep the adopted one company. I'm wondering if although they are in different cages, could I attempt to...
  5. Lunaandmaggie

    Will It Ever Happen

    Hello, so my one piggie lost her cage mate hermione coming on 5 months now. We are very saddened by her death. But we got Luna the on piggie left a cage mate and Luna hates Maggie the new one she made her bleed today I have tried everything and Luna it's getting more clingy to me and Maggie...
  6. ChloeCee98

    How Do I Know If My Piggies Are Ready To Go In The Same Cage?

    :help:I have two female piggies! I have just put the pigs back to bed after an hour or so of introducing them! I wasn't sure if it was successful or not...my smaller guinea pig seemed a bit scared. I was on edge the hole time watching incase they were fighting I am so stuck with what to do...
  7. A

    2 Out Of 4 Pigs Died In The Last Two Months...help!

    Back in the beginning of November I got 4 guinea pigs. One was from someone off of Craigslist, his name was Sammy. I got 3 others from a rescue, their names were Bram, Candy Corn, and Mr. Clean. All males. Within the first week and a half, Sammy died. We later learned that Sammy wasn't 2 years...
  8. L

    Mother And Baby Bonding With Others

    We recently got a new mother and baby guinea pig from an SSPCA shelter, to keep our original (neutered, so he shouldn't smell of males) pig company, after his companion died. We were originally planning on getting just the mother, but we learned that she had been bonded with her daughter when we...
  9. P

    Urgent: Will My Pigs Ever Get Along?

    Hi! I got a new guinea pig today, as I had one pass away recently after only having her for a few weeks :no: I have a 1 year old female, and when I got her previous friend (about 6 weeks old) who passed not long after I got her, she was fine with allowing her into her life. Today I got her...
  10. F

    Advice On Introducing 2 Male Pigs

    3 months after purchasing a male piggy from the pet store, I decided to get a friend for him. I was advised to find another male piggy a little older than the one we had. So we got a male guinea pig that needed rehoming, and kept the 2 in separate cages next to each other for a week. We...
  11. GuineaMom1106

    Bonding Pigs

    So I have 3 female guinea pigs. We got 2 together and they're about 10 weeks old. After about a month of having them we decided to add a 3rd pig. We adopted an older pig, at least year old. I read many forums about how to introduce pigs and help them get along. From what I read it's easiest to...
  12. Alex Martin

    Need Help With Introducing Two Males

    I have 2 male Guinea pigs, both from the same store and same cage but bought a week and a half apart. The smaller 10 month old ones name is shaggy and the bigggggg 1 year olds name is scooby. I got shaggy first and he acts like a moody teen but he's getting a lot nicer everyday so i figured I'd...
  13. Louspiggs

    Boar Bonding

    i currently have 2 male guinea pigs in a 2x5 grid cage(plus a 1x3 upstairs). they are 13 weeks old and get on well being brothers. one of them is clearly more dominant. i am thinking about bringing in a 10 week old boar and i have a store bought cage that he can be kept in for a short while...
  14. crnyng

    Introducing Girls Together Advice Please!

    I own 2 around 1 year old girls who I aqcuired together, they have been together since I'm sure they can remember. I also recently aquired two new girls, perhaps around 5-7 months old. The two pairs were separate for the first two months and I recently introduced them. On the floor they were...
  15. Xilvey

    Using Olbas Oil?

    Hi guys! I was told today that if you put albus oil in your cage, it will neutralize smells so that there's nothing to bicker about, especially when introducing new guinea pigs. I personally would of thought it would be really bad for their little lungs and if guinea pigs are gonna get along...