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  1. S

    Territorial over food?

    Hi, any help would be so appreciated. I have 2 females, Biscuit was adopted and is at least 2 years old (actual age unknown) and one new addition that we got 2 days ago, Piglet - she’s a baby. :love: We did an introduction and all was really smooth. Biscuit seemed to take Piglet under her wing...
  2. P

    New female pig and old female pig fighting and strange behaviour

    Hi everyone, I am facing some problem with my female pigs, hoping you guys can help me out. I had a pink eyed white female guinea pig from more than one year and i felt she was getting sad and bored and depressed alone. Two days back, I got another female 1 year old, but smaller than my...
  3. amber89

    Not sure if acceptance phase happened

    Hello all, I have tried today to do the introduction between the newcomer Marshmallow and the pair Pufu and Cupcake. Since Monday evening they had full interaction through the mesh. I have been having them in the introduction pen for already 2h. There is still some teeth chattering involved...
  4. eyepencil

    The boys! <3

    While I've already introduced both boys here back in December, I recently made a video introducing them to other platforms. I think I've decided to do an entire video series on them, so that's kind of exciting news! Here's the first. If you'll wanna see it, here it is. :wub: Vid 1 - Dorian &...
  5. E

    Litter Box and Introduction Questions

    I currently have a black guinea pig named Mon that I adopted. I got him but didn’t realize he needed friends at first. So I’m going to build a bigger cage and am about to introduce two new guinea pigs, Milo and Neeko, in a few days. These two have already lived together for a while and have no...
  6. TheLottiediarys

    Whats the best way to reintroduce after a illness bout?

    Hi guys I'm wondering what's the best way to reintroduce my girl Aurora to her Husband and two female mates after she's been away for 2 weeks due to illness. Aurora got a bit skinny and had funny greasy looking hair so i was quite worried, mainly that it would be ringworm but she's got a clean...
  7. Carta Elisa

    Can I Introduce 2 Sows To My Girl Who Is Alone ?

    After having to be separated from her brother (they were given to me as 2 brothers but I then discovered it wasn't the case). I got in touch with a shelter near me and they told me about two inseparable sows. I don't know if that would be a good thing, or even possible. What do you think?
  8. lovewalkedby

    New Guinea Pig(s)?

    i have had my sow, amy, for four years now and sadly she has been kept alone for two years. i have never tried resocializing her after my last sow, cookie, passed away (two years ago). the reason i haven’t tried pairing her up isn’t because she seems rude or i believe she wouldn’t do well with...
  9. bethaleio

    To Neuter Or Not To Neuter..

    Hey guys! I will quickly tell the story of my piggy, Tumnus, and then get to the point of this thread! What would have been around 3 months ago now, there were 3 male piggies that some jerk had set loose in a field by my apartment. Tumnus was caught fairly quickly, but the other 2 were much...
  10. G

    Introduction Went Wrong After A Week-please Help!

    Hello! I have owned three sows for two years and adopted a lone male Guinea pig from a rescue a few months ago. I got him neutered and he lived side by side with the sows for 6 weeks. I finally introduced him (on neutral terroritory) to the sows and apart from the odd rumble they all got on...
  11. 0

    Can A Male And Femal Cohabitants Without Mating?

    3 months ago I bought Cooper my first Guinea, he was about 4 months old. I've been wanting to get him a friend and I finally found a good one but she is a female. I fell in love with her why I why I got her. When I introduced them I noticed Cooper trying to mate with the new one. I really don't...
  12. coco&chanel

    Benefits Of Introducing A Neutered Boar To 2 Sows

    Hello, I've been reading on here about people wanting a neutered boar for their sows. I was wondering what the benefit of this would be and whether it would be better than getting another sow? I'm wondering this mainly out if curiosity but i am also toying with the idea of getting another pig...
  13. Keiko The Pig

    First Time Boar Bonding!

    Hi! For those of you who've seen my other posts you know I recently got my first pig, and today his friend grom the rescue came home! It's about a half hour into bonding and there's been rumbling, mounting from both parties, butt sniffing, chasing, and popcorning from both boys! Milo (Keikos new...
  14. Keiko The Pig

    Will Bonding Young Boars Go Horribly Wrong?

    Hi, I've had my guinea pig for just over a month now and he is quite bonded to me recently he has started calling out if I'm out of my room for an hour or two working on the computer. My parents have also noticed this behaviour and agree he needs a friend, however he is quite young and I keep...
  15. K

    New Guinea Pig

    I got my first guinea pig, Whinny in May 2015. I socialized her quite well and decided it was time for a new pig so she can have some company. I ended up getting another female but a really young new pig. My new pig, Peeka, is about 12 weeks old and after quarantining her, I introduced her to...
  16. Piggiemum7

    Meet Ben!

    This is Ben! He is a very fat, sleepy, gentle piggy. He's extremely cuddly and loving. He has red eyes and so he was the last one left when we adopted him because people thought it was scary! (I think he's beautiful) he lives in his own cage above his adopted brother (who annoys him very much)...
  17. Laci

    Adopting A Companion

    Hey guys! I'm going on three years with my cuddle bug, Snowflake, and I'm finally financially prepared to take on a companion for her. However, I wanted some reassurance on my plans. When I got Snowflake, my younger sister also got a piggy of her own, Patches, and the two of them have always...