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  1. M

    My newly introduced guinea pigs are fighting. Please help!

    Hi, please help me to understand how I should best bond my two pigs. I have researched as much as I can, but seem to get conflicting reports online and I’d really just like advice. I adopted my first pig (female, 2 years), who had been living alone for most of her life with her previous owner...
  2. LunaticPoodle

    Doubt about neutral ground for boar introduction

    Hello everyone, I have written about my piggies when I introduced myself but here's a summary: I adopted Geezer (9 weeks) and Tony (4 years) in november 2020. Their introduction was extremely easy and they got along like a charm until Tony's passing around Easter due to a very aggressive...
  3. E

    First Time Meeting

    Hello! My guinea (M) has been a single for a while. Recently, I’ve gotten a new baby guinea (M). Their introductions went smoothly but my single guinea pig’s bum was being weird. Not sure if his penis was out! Is this normal?
  4. MyPreciousOli

    Matured male and baby male introduction. Help please!

    I have a 2 year old male, Sherlock, who has just been introduced to my 9 week old pups Remy and Tigger (who are male littermates). I know that they are supposed to set dominance but Sherlock is chasing Remy around the cage and putting his nose between Remys back legs. There isnt any biting...
  5. Ruby200e

    Getting a new friend

    So I have a New Guinea pig his name is Chorizo I’ve had him for about a week now, he lets me pet him and hand feed him, but really doesn’t let me pick him up. I want to get him a new friend but I’m not sure what age should I get the other piggie, Chorizo is about 2 months, so should I get...
  6. Sonnet

    Today’s the day

    Introducing Sprout and George. So far there’s been a bit of teeth chattering (George), and mounting (both of them), but that’s about all. Sorry the photos are a bit fuzzy - taken with my IPad!
  7. TheLottiediarys

    Auroura attacked Lottie/Anya in reintroduction!

    So, todays reintroducing Auroura to the group ended pretty badly, Though the whole thing Auroura was being quite aggressive to the others, Lots of rumblings, yawnings, jabbing and lounging. It ended with a tussle between Lottie and Auroura, I'm not sure if I did the right thing by breaking...
  8. S

    Can I Adopt Two New Spayed Sows For The Two Non-neutered Boars I Already Have?

    Hey everyone, so this is my first post so bare with me if I posted in the wrong section. So I already have two boars, Mr. Waffles and Pollo, and I bought them both at a pet store. I didn't know any better, at that point, I didn't even know you could adopt or rescue a guinea pig, much less...
  9. Sonnet

    When Sprout (was Bob) Met Chutney

    Posted before about bringing Bob home as a possible new friend for Chutney. Well...after a week of having their cages next to each other, I let them meet today. Put them in the bathroom, with a big plate of food, and kept a very careful eye on them. Didn't go too badly, all things considered...
  10. kyliebowers

    Introducing A Boar To Four Sows

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some advice on bonding a boar with four sows. I have four sows living happily together, and have bonded two pairs to create the four (so I have a bit of experience, and have read all the guides etc) I recently adopted a neutered boar from the RSPCA who has been...
  11. Lyss

    Too Good To Be True?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but not new to guinea pigs. I've had pairs of boars in the past but right now I'm working on introducing a third boar to my existing pair. I know it rarely works out but my new guy was abandoned by his previous owner and I couldn't just leave him. My oldest boar is...
  12. kyliebowers

    A Question About Introductions...

    Hi guys, I've got a quick question about guinea pig introductions if anyone can help? I've read through all the info on introductions and bonding and know about the importance of quarantine and how to actually stage the initial introductions... I'm just wondering whether there is any...
  13. A

    Introducing Neutered Boar To 2 Bonded Females

    Hello, We recently got a neutered boar from a rescue with the intention of introducing him to our two bonded females. After waiting six weeks after the neutering op, we introduced the 3 of them last night in our kitchen (neutral area) with two piles of hay and food. At first they seemed to be...
  14. TheLottiediarys

    Introducing Bear And Lottie To Anya And Aurora! :) :)

    Hi guys! Some of you may know from my other threads that I've been wanting to bring Bear and Lottie inside from their hutch for the winter, And that i am hoping Bear and Lottie will take to Anya and Aurora in hopes for a group in the future :) As everyone inside is in C&C Cages this was a bit...
  15. TheLottiediarys

    Attempted Introduction/bonding When Badly.... I Think.

    Hi guys, I decided to introduce Baby and the new girls Anya and Aurora tonight. I set up an area, and let them into it, It started alright i suppose, Baby waltzed right up to Anya and Aurora and did a bit of grumbling? She wasnt rumbling but it was a vocal kind of dominance noise i think. I...
  16. Annelle

    Bad Reintroductions And When To Stop Trying

    My name is Annelle - an enthusiastic new Guinea Pig parent. I have two little boys (less than 6 months old,) named Banjo and Snoopy. I intended to stop there until I was at a Petco and felt horrible for a bigger male who was being kept alone in the small cage. My heart when out to him and I...
  17. F

    Advice On Introducing 2 Male Pigs

    3 months after purchasing a male piggy from the pet store, I decided to get a friend for him. I was advised to find another male piggy a little older than the one we had. So we got a male guinea pig that needed rehoming, and kept the 2 in separate cages next to each other for a week. We...
  18. G

    Introduction Went Wrong After A Week-please Help!

    Hello! I have owned three sows for two years and adopted a lone male Guinea pig from a rescue a few months ago. I got him neutered and he lived side by side with the sows for 6 weeks. I finally introduced him (on neutral terroritory) to the sows and apart from the odd rumble they all got on...
  19. V

    Urgent Bonding Help Please

    Hi, A couple of months ago I rescued a boar, Obi (about 9 months old) who was in a bad way and living alone. He received treatment for his skin problems, got him to a healthy weight and have now (6 weeks ago) had him castrated so he can hopefully go in with my two girls (about 6 months old)...