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  1. W

    Mange mites or fungal?

    Hey guys, So for the past several weeks, one of my pigs has been super itchy, to the point where there are open wounds on his back and he has ‘seizures’ out of the itching. He now has white dandruff-like residue in his fur and there are little chunks of hair pulled out from the follicle in his...
  2. P

    Topical Ivermectin

    Hi, Max is my first piggy and the vet advised to put ivermectin on the back of his neck. The vet has given me 5 pipettes which led for Max having a wet patch from the back of his neck to the top of his back. He can reach the wet patch when he scratches. Can it be dangerous to him? Can I pet...
  3. Isabela

    Ivermectin - Which One To Buy?

    I wanted to buy Ivermectin for a while now for my guinea pigs. I just got a new one and it looks like she has dry skin and therefore mites probably. I want to buy Ivermectin from Ebay. Can somebody send me a link to what I should look for or which one is recommended?
  4. Celine298

    Ivermectin - Topical Treatment

    Hey guys, I'm about to do a spot-on treatment on my piggies for mange mites/lice. I have the Ivermectin, I've got my dosages all sorted out and ready to go, my only question is placement. I've administered topical spot-on treatments to cats and dogs in the past, and it was always put on the...
  5. D

    Itching Piggie

    Hello. We took my daughter's elderly female guinea pig to the vet after we noticed some hair loss and her scratching and biting her hind quarters. We have got some Ivermectin to treat her with for possible mites. I'm just wondering if there is a recommended shampoo or bath treatment we could...
  6. WinnieandBear

    Lice Treatment Working Or... Not?

    Hello! I recently posted about my two girls and discovered that they have lice. They have seen a vet who couldn't find any lice but I was sure I had seen a couple so they both had a shot of ivermectin and he said to return in one week. That was on Saturday and my girls seem to be even more...