1. Lizzieejoyce

    Popcorning or irritated?

    Hello lovelies! I have a quick question, is there a way to differentiate whether a small jump was a popcorn or a flinch from an irritation eg a mite bite/itch? For context: - I rescued two sisters (approx 4 years old) 12 days ago. One is very timid, the other a little more confident and both...
  2. smithsr05

    Really Affectionate Super Pig

    Hi All, Since Larry has been with us she's got more and more comfortable, to the point now where she completely trusts us (we got her at 8 week old, she'll be about 17 week old now). She is definitely the most unique and loving pig we have and seems to be a complete daredevil, Larry loves...
  3. P

    Guinea Pig Jumping?

    How likely is it that a guinea pig will jump when carrying them? I'm wanting to pick them up and walk over to the sofa with them for some laptime but I'm so scared they jump as I'm walking or jump of my legs when I'm sitting on the sofa :( just now I'm bringing the whole cage down right next to their...
  4. Guineapigfeet


    I used to have a pig that'd jump like this
  5. C

    Two New Guinea Pigs That Are Scared

    hey, so I got two sows just over a day ago and so far, even when I just sit by the hutch and talk to them if I move they jump away. I've also tried opening the hutch door and putting my hands in so they can get used to my scent, but when I move to stroke them they jump away. Is this normal?
  6. Guineapigfeet

    Floor Time Videos

    These are from floor time this past weekend. The light isn't great but hopefully you can see them scampering around (and jumping the chair legs) well enough! There were three but one has music in the back ground that was blocked :(
  7. Guineapigfeet

    Yay, Some Half Decent Photos!

    My three little pigs out for floor time this morning. I've been lying down with them for a week or so trying to get them used to me being on their level with my (rather old) camera. Chewie will nibble my nose and Rey will put her paws on my hands/feet etc. BB is a bit more cautious but she is...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Is This "popcorning"?

    But of a silly question... So I know when piggies are happy they can popcorn, but what my piggies do seems a bit different to what I've read popcorning is... When they're having their mad half hour, they don't "jump" as such, they will speed in one direction then suddenly change and head in a...
  9. mackenzieaj96

    Escape Artist

    Hi new to this website and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for my pig escaping? It's the middle of the night and he's gotten himself out 3 times now. The walls are about 14 inches high and are made of wood. (No grits for him to climb) I thought he was initially climbing onto one of his...