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Junior Guinea Pig
Apr 16, 2019
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Bradford, UK
Hi All,

Since Larry has been with us she's got more and more comfortable, to the point now where she completely trusts us (we got her at 8 week old, she'll be about 17 week old now).

She is definitely the most unique and loving pig we have and seems to be a complete daredevil, Larry loves attention and cuddles to the point that if you put her on the sofa next to you or on the floor she will find a way to get her cuddle.

Has anyone else had a pig like this? He's a video example of one way she does this:

Please ignore the TV, I'm sat right next to a speaker in the video so sounds much louder than it is :)

Usually she jumps straight from the floor onto your lap, we've tried to stop her by extending the indoor run area with coroplast so she can't jump over but she honestly bites a hole big in it within seconds enough for her to jump back onto your lap 🤣

Just wondered if anyone else had a piggy like this?
That's so cute! She must love snuggles!
I've found that some pets really seem to crave their human. My daughter's Syrian hamster will follow her around whenever she's in the ball... she will try to find my daughter and once she finds her she will just sit as close to her as she can. She will also try to get back to my daughter if someone else is holding her and then, again, will just sit. Clearly she knows who her human is!
My boy is super affectionate too. He comes up to me for head rubs whenever I do anything in their cage or playpen and during lap time he just demands strokes and 'melts' haha :) He just doesn't like being picked up so I use a little snuggle-sack.
Wow thsts one agile piggie wig! Neither of my babies could do that! Next piggie olympics i think!
That's definitely a human piggie, who love their humans, mine are all pig piggies who'd prefer each other rather than my attention except when my hand smells like food or when they smell the veggies on my pizza 🤣