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  1. jesse1234

    escape artist piggy

    just a fun story i thought i'd share about my newly discovered ninja of a guinea pig... my boy oswald is very outgoing and determined so his attitude is not surprising, but his sudden agility is. just yesterday, i noticed he was shoving his face through the bars of his cage and pushing the side...
  2. smithsr05

    Really Affectionate Super Pig

    Hi All, Since Larry has been with us she's got more and more comfortable, to the point now where she completely trusts us (we got her at 8 week old, she'll be about 17 week old now). She is definitely the most unique and loving pig we have and seems to be a complete daredevil, Larry loves...
  3. Chocolatepiggy

    Do you think ripple could get through the squares?

    Since they don't know how to use the ramp (I'm waiting on my pay check for this month and I'll buy a proper one with sides) I have moved the pen away from the case and I am placing them in it for a run around during the day. Ripple keeps sticking his head through the squares in the sides and I...
  4. DylElla

    Possible Pregnancy

    just over a week ago one of my boars escaped into the enclosure with my two girls. He wasn’t in there in the morning, I went out for the day then when I went in around late evening I found him in there so I don’t know how long he was with them. The girls are both nearly 2 years old and I...
  5. Anouk

    Escaped Piggy

    Hi my pig escaped yesterday night, I had a rescue piggy issue and she's nowhere to be seen in the house, what can I do to find her ? She might have ran out in the garden and I have no idea were she is, sent the night looking for her
  6. TheLottiediarys

    My Hamsters Chewing Her Way Out Of Her Cage!

    Hi guys! As per usual I've got a dilemma, My Syrian Hamster Daenerys has managed to cause some serious damage to her cage, She's in a detolf cage which is an ikea glass cabinet with the door removed turned on its side for a tank style cage, it's got wood on both ends with glass. This is...
  7. CavyIris

    Guinea Pig Is Trying To Escape

    Hi, I have 2 guinea pigs (TinTin and Milou) the are both about 5 months old. I bought a guinea pig yesterday, (Marwin). she was a friends, but my friend couldnt afford her so i took her in. and she is for now in another cage for 2 more days until i have finished building their new cage, in which...
  8. Beans&Toast

    I Lost Beans.

    I don't know how, but Beans managed to escape her cage. I can't even see how she did it, there are no broken grids or anything... :hmm: Anyway, when I realised she wasn't there I panicked. After frantically searching for about 10 minutes I heard something rustling under the bed. Low and behold...
  9. mackenzieaj96

    Escape Artist

    Hi new to this website and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for my pig escaping? It's the middle of the night and he's gotten himself out 3 times now. The walls are about 14 inches high and are made of wood. (No grits for him to climb) I thought he was initially climbing onto one of his...