1. SydneySharkk

    Weird mark on guinea pigs ear, and pairing a trio

    So I just adopted two more girl guinea pigs today (now I’m at a total of 5 pigs all together!) I wanted to pair two with my one girl XiaoXiao (who is recovering from a dental issue) I felt like now would be a good time to finally get her some friends. I just got them home today and I cleaned...
  2. smithsr05

    Really Affectionate Super Pig

    Hi All, Since Larry has been with us she's got more and more comfortable, to the point now where she completely trusts us (we got her at 8 week old, she'll be about 17 week old now). She is definitely the most unique and loving pig we have and seems to be a complete daredevil, Larry loves...
  3. marimomo

    Adopted Guinea Pig

    Hi! I'm a new guinea piggy owner and read up about the piggies as much as I could before adopting one. (In my town this man was breeding and selling them and the SPCA rescued 33 guinea pigs, wow!) I named him Ekko and he lives in a nice cage with water and hay refilled both morning and night so...
  4. C

    Bonding With An Adopted Piggy

    I adopted a Peruvian piggy of approx 9 months old a few months ago. I don’t know much but that he was given up by the previous owner because of “dominance issues” and was never with another piggy. When I first got him I noticed that he would bite my clothes whenever picked up and he’s very...
  5. Sharon Cleary

    Anti Social Guinea Pig

    Hello, I recently adopted two guinea pigs. I first adopted 1 1/2 year old Ms. Piggie about 3 weeks ago and she had a very shy temperament and would often rest in her hidey house, but wasn't all that scared of human contact. I thought that she might have been depressed or lonely so I got a new 6-10...
  6. Brooke Kinlaw

    Searching For Answers

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and have joined due to terrible circumstances. I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my two female piggies this morning, Willow and Buttercup. They were both rescues and were 2 years old and we took them to the vet when we first rescued them for a check up and they got a...