1. marimomo

    Adopted Guinea Pig

    Hi! I'm a new guinea piggy owner and read up about the piggies as much as I could before adopting one. (In my town this man was breeding and selling them and the SPCA rescued 33 guinea pigs, wow!) I named him Ekko and he lives in a nice cage with water and hay refilled both morning and night so...
  2. C

    Bonding With An Adopted Piggy

    I adopted a Peruvian piggy of approx 9 months old a few months ago. I don’t know much but that he was given up by the previous owner because of “dominance issues” and was never with another piggy. When I first got him I noticed that he would bite my clothes whenever picked up and he’s very...
  3. Sharon Cleary

    Anti Social Guinea Pig

    Hello, I recently adopted two guinea pigs. I first adopted 1 1/2 year old Ms. Piggie about 3 weeks ago and she had a very shy temperament and would often rest in her hidey house, but wasn't all that scared of human contact. I thought that she might have been depressed or lonely so I got a new 6-10...
  4. Brooke Kinlaw

    Searching For Answers

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and have joined due to terrible circumstances. I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my two female piggies this morning, Willow and Buttercup. They were both rescues and were 2 years old and we took them to the vet when we first rescued them for a check up and they got a...