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  1. Xmolxlie

    Guinea pig jumping out of arms

    Hi, I have two new baby Guinea pigs (the lady i adopted them from said she believed they were 10-12 weeks old) that I’m currently going through the bonding process with to bond them with my recently bereaved older piggy. After today’s bonding session I had moved the babies temporary cage onto...
  2. A


    So my sweet boy who gets easily over excited jumped into my other guinea pigs cage from my hands about 3ft and landed face first into his food bowl. I immediately grabbed him and laid down with him because it freaked me out he seemed to be scared at first and want to hide but now he’s acting...
  3. Lizzieejoyce

    Popcorning or irritated?

    Hello lovelies! I have a quick question, is there a way to differentiate whether a small jump was a popcorn or a flinch from an irritation eg a mite bite/itch? For context: - I rescued two sisters (approx 4 years old) 12 days ago. One is very timid, the other a little more confident and both...
  4. A

    Help! An escape artist in training

    Hi I have an urgent issue! I set up my new C&C cage today for my skinny pigs and my smallest one has jumped out twice within the past hour! I was told piggies don’t jump high and the cage would be safe, what should I do until the cover I ordered comes in?
  5. F3RN

    Scared of being picked up?

    Hi, I’ve got two guinea-pigs Eric and Ernie (Eric is the black piggy in my picture and Ernie the blonde one). Earlier today Ernie jumped out of my hands and miraculously fell into a hanging basket so he didn’t fall on the ground! I think he’s okay, I’m keeping an eye on him but there doesn’t...
  6. P

    Guinea Pig Jumping?

    How likely is it that a guinea pig will jump when carrying them? I'm wanting to pick them up and walk over to the sofa with them for some laptime but I'm so scared they jump as I'm walking or jump of my legs when I'm sitting on the sofa :( just now I'm bringing the whole cage down right next to their...
  7. toodledoodler

    Constant jumping/skipping?

    Hello everyone! I just got 2 guinea pigs, around 3 months of age. They were put together a week ago since they’re not related, but they are getting along great. However, these are my first piggies, and a few things worry me. First off, is it normal that they’re constantly jumping and skipping...
  8. PerpLexxity

    Testing My Patience Ooooo

    Hello everybody, So today while I was cleaning the guinea pigs cage Gizmo decided to jump out of their playpen! He’s jumped out of his cage before *it now has a top dont worry* but never their playpen smh. Cleaning the cage is the job I hate most but of course I do it in a timely manner...
  9. Heatherrrr712

    Why Does She Do This?

    i have a young guinea pig and sometimes she randomly runs in circles and jumps up and down. I can't tell if it's a guinea pig seizure or what because she seems to have control of where she's running but not her jumping. She ends up jumping pretty high.
  10. PeggyandNancy

    New Guinea Pig Jumps Up Walls

    Okay so I’ve had my piggies for a couple of weeks. They’re cool and everything but I’ve jsut witnesses one of them try and jump up a solid wall. Like a cat. She’s literally just jumping up to the wall about 30cm in the air. Is that normal? Not popcorning, like she’s trying to jump over something...
  11. Guineapigfeet


    I used to have a pig that'd jump like this
  12. A

    Fighting And Jumping Out Of Cage! Help!

    Hello all, I was a new guinea pig owner in Feb when we got Petey and S'mores. They're now about 4 months old. They're both males and have always lived together. They've always gotten along perfectly and had such a great bond. After having moved their cage and made it bigger we decided to get...
  13. NavajoChikondi

    Jumping Pig

    Hello :luv: Does anyone have experiences with jumping pigs? I took my little one out for his first floor time yesterday and I thought he'll just have a look around but he actually was so happy and ran around, exploring, talking and even popcorning a little. It was the best thing to see :yahoo...