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litter box

  1. S


    Good morning. I am contacting you to ask for advice, I found this forum on the internet and it seems really nice and well managed. I am from Italy but I will live for Australia because of my PhD; for this reason I had to leave my guinea pig and my bunny to my dad because they are not allowed to...
  2. R

    litter box size and bedding

    still don't have any piggies but i was wondering would it be a good idea to get 2 litter boxes on different sides of the cage for two boars so that if they don't want to share? and what size box would be good for that or would it be better to get just one big litter box? and i see a lot of...
  3. Hannahb2804

    What to put in a litter tray?

    Hi just wondering what’s best to put in a litter tray? I was thinking meadow hay & newspaper but I want whatever is safest for them and what will keep them healthy and comfortable so should I use propper litter? Any suggestions would be fab!
  4. E

    Litter Box and Introduction Questions

    I currently have a black guinea pig named Mon that I adopted. I got him but didn’t realize he needed friends at first. So I’m going to build a bigger cage and am about to introduce two new guinea pigs, Milo and Neeko, in a few days. These two have already lived together for a while and have no...
  5. P

    Potty Training

    Since The beginning of Guinea Pig journey in January, I have watched and read everything I could to try and get my pigs potty trained - the only answer I could see was that some owners manage to get it done. My two babies were in a cage with loose bedding until they started growing and I...
  6. Piggy996

    Are Pine Products Dangerous?

    Hello, someone told me that Pine products can be dangerous for piggies because of the smell, is that true? I wanted to buy a small house for my piggy, but those that I found are made of pine tree. Also, I found something that looks like sand for cats' litter boxes, but this one was made for...
  7. JessJ


    Hello! New Guinea pig owner ✋ I adopted them from another family who was using a litter box. They were using the white "potty litter" Kaytee brand I believe. Is that the only option for litter?
  8. Zoe's Piggies

    Litter Training Advice Needed!

    I've had my 2 new male guinea pigs for 2 weeks now and have been trying to litter train them. They are 8 weeks and 6 weeks old. I have a small kitten litter box in their cage; I use 100% paper bedding as the litter. I feed them around their litter area because I know they tend to poop and pee...