1. N

    Loft/Kitchen ideas + wall height

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of building a 1x2 loft, primarily to be used for eating and to keep hay off of the rest of the fleece. I was thinking of putting in a shallow tray, with newspaper, back 2 nature litter, and hay on top, to be changed daily. Does this sound ok? I would put a hay rack...
  2. W

    Tips for ramp use

    Hey! I just got my two piggies, they are 10 weeks old and really settling into their new house well. They haven't used their loft yet, does anyone have any tips to get them to climb this ramp? Thanks so much!
  3. NuggetPipey

    My new C and C cage!

    This is my new cage that I got on my birthday. It has a loft and a ramp!
  4. Kiko+Peanut

    Second Floor? Ramp Materials and More?

    I am thinking about building a loft. I want to have it removable and I want the ramp to not be so steep. What is everyone using? Pics and advice are greatly appreciated.
  5. TheLottiediarys

    How Do Your Pigs Like Lofts And Ramps?

    Hi guys! I'll be bonding Bear and Lottie with Anya and Aurora tonight, hoping it will go to plan! I've been looking at what size cage I want to give them when they live together If they live together... And I'm strapped for space on the floor what with Baby's cage and also the two detolfs for...
  6. Siikibam

    Added Area

    I finally got round to adding a lift for the boys. And they seem to love it! So much so there was popcorning, in the loft by :woot: I’m trying to decide whether to add a loft on the other cage and perhaps put the hay tray up there and a bed below, or wait till I’ve built the C&C cage.
  7. Siikibam

    Change To Cage (and Step 1)

    Since I joined the two cages, it eventually became a hassle to clean them out. I'd have to lift off the wire bit of one and clean then let them run into it so I can clean the other. Getting the bars back on was the bothersome part of it. so I bought some c&c grids and swapped out. It'll be sooo...