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losing weight

  1. AdamFrench

    Taos Not Eating When Alone

    Tao was losing weight and we think it was down to the Baytril she was on We had stopped The Baytril and she began to put weight back on for 1 day. We were given Emeprid and Zantac yesterday to start on its own before the Baytril again after 24hours. Last night she had her 1st doses of Emeprid...
  2. N

    Older Pig Eating But Losing Weight?

    Hey, new to this forum! First, let me say that my girl (Neels - weird name, I know) is 6 years old, thus why I was not concerned when she began to lose a little weight; everyone I talked to about it said that this is normal. I have no way of weighing either of my girls, but I know that if I...
  3. sophadopha97

    Guinea Not Eating Properly

    Hi, My 2/3 year old guinea Pablo has recently lost a lot of weight and grown rather skinny - from 1300g at his peak 2 months ago to 1000g last week. I took him to the vets for a regular check up as I'd noticed he'd lost weight but was still eating. The vet suggested it would probably be a...
  4. ajtownhill

    Unknown Mouth Problem - Vets Confused.

    Hopefully you will be able to see the attached video, if not I will try again. EDIT: The video can also be viewed at My little Victor has been poorly for around a week now. He wasn't eating properly and couldn't bite into food so we took him to the vets. He had a procedure on Wednesday 10th...
  5. FluffyB

    Hyperthyroidism In Guinea Pigs

    Hello all, I have been referring to your forum for information and advice while trying to care for my guinea pigs; one of which died Friday morning. I want to share the medical info so that hopefully it can help someone else, who may be searching these boards for help and answers. Fuff was 5...
  6. JoannaMarie

    Two Poorly Pigs... Please Help!

    So my Ted had a bladder operation a week ago last Friday, he really suffered and we all thought he was on his way out at one stage. He started to improve last Wednesday but he is still not himself, hardly eating anything. I am hand feeding every morning and evening but isn't improving much. Any...
  7. Sophieismyguineapig

    Losing Weight, Plus Other Things?

    My six year old agouti, Sophie has been losing quite a bit of weight. I haven't properly weighed her, but her spine is showing and she's not as chubby as she once was. She's eating great, but she stays at her bottle almost constantly. She's also quite recently started with soft stool. The lady I...