1. M

    alfalfa hay ?

    hi so I have two male piggies I'm pretty sure they are adults the younger one isn't a small baby anymore. so I'm going on a trip tomorrow and ran out of hay I went to the store and all they had was alfalfa hay at the moment, I completely forgot to read up on this type of hay and didn't realize...
  2. S

    +7 Month Old Male Pig Peeing Blood!

    I have a boar and he’s started peeing blood as recently as two days ago! I’m worrying for him, especially because my parents don’t see it as too big an issue/ won’t take him to a vet. I don’t know his chances of being fine without medical consultation and I can’t convince them to schedule an...
  3. B

    White Stuff?

    I have two female guinea pigs. one is 1 year old and the other is 5-6 months. i’ve been noticing today that the oldest female has been mounting the younger and leaving white gelatinous discharge on the bedding and on the younger? should i be worried about this? is she actually a male?
  4. W

    Young Male Piggy’s teeth are uneven

    My male guinea pig teeth are uneven, he is a year and a half old ish and I'm not sure what to do? Is this bad, he still eats at his normal pace and normal amount and is not showing any discomfort or anything
  5. A

    Penis portruding?

    My male guinea pig seems to have his penis stuck outside of his body. I've tried recommendations like cold packs, cleaning it out and massaging it back in but it just pops back out. It looks red and swollen, I'm not sure what else to do.
  6. A

    Repeated cystitis in male guineapigs

    So I posted on here a little while ago about my two 1year old Male guniea pigs. They both had a really bad water infection and were squeaking and weeing blood. Both were treated with metacam and septrin antibiotics. One was treated for 3 weeks one for 2. The infection cleared up and they...
  7. liyahjane

    Bonding Two Male Guinea Pigs

    hey so i’ve been trying to bond my two male guinea pigs and i was wondering if i shouldn’t continue doing the bonding in sessions i looked up on a website and they said if no blood is drawn that the guinea pigs can live together and i can remove the divider from the cage. however, i still don’t...
  8. B

    Male gunie pig

    Hi my name is jade and I'm looking for someone to help me with an issue I dont have the money to bring my gunie pig to the vet and I'm worried because I'm not sure what's happening to him or what's going on my gunie pig keeps losing clumps of hair under his chin and idk what's causing it it's...
  9. Bungie bunnies

    Advice on keeping a trio of males :)

    Hi sorry I’m new to this :) I’ve recently adopted a group of 3 male guniea pigs I can’t pick them up until the lockdown has stopped but before bringing them home I’ve been doing a lot of research and I know keeping one neutered male and a few females would be the best option but because I’ve...
  10. Alexemond97

    Boar bites my face

    Hi, Often, when I’m having lap time with my oldest guy, he seems to go crazy and starts « attacking » my face. He wheeks and comes running toward my face and tries to bite me. He always did that eversince he is young but I never understood why. I don’t think he hates me, because he will come see...
  11. Auster

    Specialist Abscess care

    Hi all Been having a bit of trouble with an abscess in my boy, Ralis. Warning for the squeamish, this isn’t pleasant. So a few weeks ago he developed this massive lump under his chin on the skin of his neck. It came absolutely out of nowhere and was suddenly huge. He’d even been at the vets...
  12. JP88

    Behaviour and rumblestrutting

    Hello all. Myself and my partner have recently got two new male Guinea pigs (roughly 8-10 weeks). They appear to have settled well and are eating, drinking and chatting etc. My question is, one appears to be more dominant than the other and is rumblestrutting a lot and in a few occasions, humped...
  13. PiggieNPooh

    Male Piggy pairs together?

    hello :) i recently got 2 male piggies (2yrs old, from same litter) and i am wishing to get more . there’s quite a few in the nearest shelter to me . i can either add one male (1yrs old, piggie friend died) OR i can add from a selection of pairs already together . i’ve heard having 3 males...
  14. S

    Bored or Independent?

    I am worried my Simon is lonely. I originally adopted two pigs, him and another one. I was told they were both males but Simon got the other pregnant. Its been some time since this happened and she gave birth and I kept the girl baby pig she had with the mom. But I had to seperate Simon from...
  15. B

    Dominance or fighting?

    Hello! I am a new piggy owner! I currently have three male skinny pigs! Pig who is almost 4 months is in his own separate cage and Scotch and Char(Charcoal) are in their own catch and are 2-3 months old) Pig is in a large Living World Cage and Scotch and Char are in an XL Living World Cage. I...
  16. E

    Two Male Guinea Pigs

    I have two male piggies, around 6-7 months old. One of them is unfortunately causing a bit of trouble (Merry) and it constantly asserting his dominance. By this I mean shaking his bum and making the ‘durring’ noise as I call it, chasing my other piggie around and non- sexually mounting. My other...
  17. piggie.slave

    Older and baby boar bonding

    Hi all, My older guineapig Fudge passed away around a month ago at the age of 4 leaving my other guineapig (Rolo) on his own. I am now currently sitting on the floor watching Rolo and the new baby (whose yet to have a name) run around the pen, humping each other teeth chattering etc, and it’s...
  18. The Chipmunks


    I bought three male guinea pigs at the beginning of January 2018, it was not the plan as I went in to buy two but left with three because I did not have it in me to leave the third behind. I named them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. However, I soon noticed that there was something wrong with Alvin...
  19. Alexemond97

    Guinea Pig Genitals Problem

    Hi, I am a new guinea pig owner and the vet currently doesn’t have disponibilities and it is the only one in my region who treats exotic animals, but I have a problem with one of my guinea pig’s genitals. I got him (or her?) in a rescue and they didn’t said anything about it expect that it...
  20. kikidee

    Help A Piggy Mama Out: Bonded Boars Suddenly Hate Each Other.

    I have two boys- Max and Maverick. I've had them for about 6 mos and they have always squabbled and done the whole dominance thing, but they never seriously fought. As an example, they would have (what I call) chatter fights where they get angry and circle each other but they never actually...