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  1. Kmm399

    Metacam and Baytril dosage

    Hi , my guinea pig Cookie is 3 y and 8 months old and he got a URI caught very early. He has been to the vet today and she prescribed him 0.58 ml cat metacam once daily and 0.58 ml baytril twice daily. He has been on these medications before and I am sure the dosage has never been so high. I...
  2. P

    Metacam overdose?

    I'm worried that my vet has given too much metacam to my pig. He said that he gave some during surgery but that was only hours after I had given some rheumocam. My vet is absolutely piggy savvy and I wish I had asked why now because it's bothering me. It was written on the admittance sheet what...
  3. Cryptillian

    When to say goodbye?

    I hope it’s ok if I skip the usual care rundown since he’s terminal and I’ve done everything I can, I have been struggling so horribly with this because my grandma is also dying and one of our dogs has cancer as well. Going to start by saying Pumba is 7 1/2 years old and had a massive bladder...
  4. Suki&Indie

    Pain killer wearing off too fast

    Hi all! One of my poor ladies has been battling cystitis on and off for months now. She’s recently gone downhill again but this time her painkiller seems to be wearing off quite fast. She was prescribed 0.4ml of cat metacam 2x a day. After she gets it she’s so happy - running around and eating...
  5. DianaTheGuineaPig

    Metacam continuous use

    Hey guys! What is your experience using Metacam daily in your guinea pigs? Did you report any problems? I would ask my vet.
  6. P

    Meloxaid timings

    Nancy is on meloxaid twice a day, every 12 hours. The problem I have is the timings are completely off. I have just had to give a dose at 23:45 because I gave one this morning after the vet said I could give twice a day at 11:45am. The vet said I need to try and get it as close to 12 hours as...
  7. L

    UTI, urine still bloody on antibiotics

    Hello all, I’m looking for help and other ideas for my 1.5-2yo (estimated) boar, Pollen. He underwent light sedation (isofluorane) at the vet on Friday 3/17 for an X-ray to rule out dental issues after about a month of one intermittently runny nostril. The X-ray was normal, but it took him the...
  8. K

    Metacam ‘on food’ meaning

    Hi, I’m new to this forum and I just have a little question to ask. My Guinea pig: Bella recently had an injury and her paw is hurting. We took her to the vets today and she got prescribed with metacam. On the subscription, it says that I need to give her 0.3 mls once daily ‘on food’. She is...
  9. O

    Old Man Nibbler Sick

    Hi everyone! My wife and I have an elder 6.5 year old boar named Nibbler who is battling a few illnesses right now that have us really concerned. We are located in the US and can kindly use some assistance, feedback, and personal experiences. My apologies in advance for the incredibly long...
  10. M

    Guinea pig metacam dose

    Hi everyone, I’ve posted about my guinea pig tony before, hes been losing a lot of weight and the vet can’t find the cause despite doing a lot of different tests. They’re going to refer me to a specialist but in the mean time have given me metacam as he seems to be in pain. He’s barely eating...
  11. S

    Bladder Stones & Pain Advice Needed

    Our almost 6 year old pig Willow started hunching over and squeaking in pain when weeing on Thursday this week. We took her straight to the vet. He managed to manually extract some wee and tested it. He found blood and signs of stones. They kept her over night and did x-rays. They found 2 large...
  12. mexiguineapigmother

    Metacam dosage *need help*

    My guinea pig has a bladder stone and he was prescribed metacam. He had this before with his previous vet who was cavy savvy. We are now seeing a new vet because our old vet only does surgeries as of now. This new vet prescribed metacam, however I am not sure about the dosage. We are being told...
  13. Chonkerz

    Interstitial Cystitis cocktail of treatments—advice?

    My two female guinea pigs have been having recurring UTI’s for over a year now. Only once has any bacteria been found in one of their urines which was the last time in December but that was treated with antibiotics. The bacteria went but the blood in the urine stayed along with squeaking when...
  14. lilpumpkamo

    Mystery hair loss near back legs during persistent UTI

    Hello all, I am stumped so I wanted to crowdsource some info from other guinea pig owners. This is mostly a TLDR I wrote a lot under the images on Imgur. Here is her history: Age: I have had Kaylor for 3.5 years, unsure of her age as I rescued her but let's guess about 5 years old now...
  15. Chonkerz

    Neverending UTI saga: advice needed

    Hello, Please anyone with experience in UTI’s in female pigs please help! I’m a 19 year old who pays for all my pigs vet bills, and all of their other expenses and I’m wanting to know where to go from here ;-; please read my situation and help me. I‘ve got two female guinea pigs, both are in...
  16. piggydobz

    Guinea pig calpol dosage

    Hi guys, Our piggie boy with IC is going through another little flare up. Trouble is we’re out of metacam and the vets we go to are being awkward about prescribing it without seeing him every single time. It’s getting to be expensive to pay for appointments and medicine, and we know that it’s...
  17. dabel101

    Loxicom dosage

    Hi! My guinea pig Doris has been to the vet for a limp she has and has been prescribed some dog loxicom. As she weighs exactly 1kg they have given her a dosage as if she were a 3kg dog, does this seem right? We have been told to give it once a day but i have read as guinea pigs have a fast...
  18. S

    Baytril dosage

    Hi, One of my guinea pigs seems to got both a uri and cystitis at the same time and has been prescribed both metacam and Baytril 2.5% (1mg, once a day). My query is with the dosage of Baytril. 1mg a day seems to be almost double the recommended dose, is it too much? Admittedly, he is a large...
  19. ChloeP

    A trip to the vets for Nettles runny nose 🤞

    I've just got back from seeing the vet because one of my boys (only 10 weeks) developed a runny nose (clear liquid) over the last week and the occasional sneeze. He's not had any problems with his eating, pooping, peeing, rasping breathing or mood but I wanted to be safe and rule out anything...
  20. ashimay

    Should I split my piggie’s Metacam?

    Hello! On Friday afternoon I noticed one of our boars (Mr Pig) was hunching over and being quite vocal, so naturally I sprung to action and went over to investigate and found little pink spots on the fleece. A quick bit of research seemed to indicate bladder issues such as an infection or...