1. S

    Hay mites

    Hi all I’ve just discovered that my pigs have hay mites this morning I have ordered some lice and easy shampoo from gorgeous Guineas but I’m just wondering does anyone know how to keep these from reinfecting as I discovered that obviously ivermectin is not useful for these mites as they are not...
  2. MeganSambrook


    Hello! We are due to treat little Bobby with his second ivermectin treatment on Wednesday. Our vet told us to put all of the treatment onto his neck, but being a big boy he has a lot of treatment and ends up very wet! The packaging says to put the treatment down his spine as well but I am...
  3. MeganSambrook

    Mites? Open Wound

    Hello, I’m new to the forum so I hope I am posting in the correct place. We’ve recently adopted a guineapig who we were told is 8 months old and had been attacked by a female guineapig in his cage. He has a superficial wound on his back which unfortunately he can reach with his back leg. He also...
  4. WheeksforWeeks

    Nursing Pig with Mites and Urine Scald

    Hello, first post here. This is in regards to my newest pig, Faye. We found Faye on Gumtree, she was well into her pregnancy and her other cagemates were picking on her so the owners decided to sell her. I have been keeping piggies for twelve years and have bought in plenty of pregnant pigs so I...
  5. M

    Guinea Pig Mites or Allergy

    Hi! I’ve noticed the past couple months, sometimes when I reach in to get hay, hold my piggies without a long sleeve, or hold them to my chest to trim their nails, I get a small rash that goes away within 15 minutes. They’re showing no signs of being itchy or having any skin irritation. Does...
  6. mochalily2020

    black flecks on rear end of guinea pig

    Hi everyone, My guinea pig has these small black flecks on the lower end of her body that comes off very easily when i run my hand through her and I thought it might just be residue from playing in hay/toys or just some dead skin. She does not seem bothered at all and they are not moving at all...
  7. E

    Help! Piggy Sores? Won’t Stop Itching!

    Hello All! Just a few days ago I noticed on the left side of my pig’s nose the hair was falling out and then saw a small pea sized sore behind his left ear. Then yesterday I found 3 more sores on his chest and near his bottom. He keeps chewing at the sore on his back and is worrying me that...
  8. Honey-Claw

    Mites in cage

    I have seven guinea pigs, and in two of my piggies living world XL cages (with two pigs each) I’m getting these sort of mite bugs, at first I thought they were baby flies but I think they’re mites. They’re tiny black little dots that just move up in the cage and for some reason they’re only in...
  9. Honey-Claw

    Tiny Bugs

    Hello! I have about seven guinea pigs which each set is in their own cage. Two of my girls, which are perfectly healthy, have been getting a ton of these little black bugs, they’re super tiny and crawl on the walls of the cage, specifically the corners of the cage. I use normal paper bedding and...
  10. Kiki_mushu_winry

    Young pig with bad dandruff

    Hello all. I have a 9 month old American roan girl (Winry, photo for cute tax) who’s been having really bad dandruff. She lives with my two other 1.5yo girls who do not have any skin issues at all. I got her from a private breeder in January 2020 at 8 weeks. At first I thought it might be...
  11. A

    Mites ?

    Hi all, my guinea pig Albie has been scratching incessantly the past few days. Today he has seemed very different: not wanting to be touched, teeth chattering, sleeping a lot etc. I have known something is not right but during floor time I noticed a big bald patch behind his ear, which was red...
  12. zoe.sterns

    New Baby Guinea with Issues? please help

    ok so today i picked up my two 5 week old silkie board from a breeder. one of them has me a little worried. he has a weird scar on his eye and what seemed to be a pimple or scab on his neck? both small. he also is pretty slobbery and has a lot of saliva in his mouth? the next off thing is that...
  13. cashewandpeppa

    Dry skin on ears

    Hi everyone! Any advice on how to treat dry skin on ears? One of my girl’s very dark ears get a white-ish cast on them, where it comes and goes, and looks like dry skin. She’s been treated for ringworm for 1.5 months, has had Ivomec drop treatments, and topical anti-fungal. She was just...
  14. A

    Can’t get rid of static mites

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and wanted to create a post to seek help regarding my piggie, Ralph. He has had these tiny dots in his fur for almost a year now. I believe they are static mites, as they do not appear to move and are not causing hair loss/skin problems. However, Ralph is constantly...
  15. S

    Guinea pig scab

    Hello! We have just noticed this little scab on my guineas belly. His brother was treated for a fungal infection a couple weeks ago and everything has been disinfected since then. They were also treated for mites over a month ago. Any idea what it may be? Thanks!
  16. Hselsby

    7 mth old ear troubles

    Hi guys, My youngest pig is having an issue with her ear at the moment, and with current events it is difficult to get the the vets to get her checked out. She has a small spot on the inside of her ear that has bled for (as far as we know) the past couple of days on and off. We have cleaned it...
  17. J


    Hi, I have a three month old hairless guinea pig. He has been itching and biting himself very frequently and has one major spot where I believe he scratched raw that has now began to heal, but it is dry and flaky. First I thought he had mange mites, but after being given a topical dose of...
  18. C

    Seizures? Or just being weird?

    So my piggie is definitely a weird one, she’s veryyy special 🤣, slow, if you will LOL. So I’ve always thought this thing she does was just another one of her weird quirks with no explanation. Everytime we have her out of her enclosure, like on the floor in a room, or on a bed or couch, she’ll...
  19. S

    Little dry patch

    Hello! I posted on here the other day about my guinea boy who had a crusty ear. This is now clearing up well with daily sea salt cleaning. however I’ve just found this patch. Is it anything to be worried about. They’ve been treated for mites.
  20. R

    Guinea Pig Skin Issue

    A few days ago, we noticed this bald patch appear on our guinea’s back. Upon closer look there appears to be dandruff as well. He has no other symptoms or patches like this. Although he does occasionally try to scratch it. What could this be?