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  1. cola.thepig

    My piggy isn't eating hay and he has mites

    Hello, i am new in this forum. And english isn't my first language so if i make any mistakes please excuse me! 🥲 I had 2 guinea pigs, and one of them (his name was Chips) sadly passed away recently. And Cola (8 months, male) is still with us. I took him to vet after his mate passed away. The vet...
  2. H

    My guinea pig has become sensitive to touch

    Hi I have a rescue Teddi & his younger brother Erik. Last month the boys had mites which I’ve treated them for and look to have gone. Since then Teddi won’t let me stroke the top of his body, only his chin and belly. He’s always loved being fussed and now he hates it, like his skin has become...
  3. 3

    Struggle with picking up

    Hi, I know all pigs aren’t going to be keen on being picked up, and I have owned rescue pigs before who were nervy, one was very nervous and jumpy for a while, after a while he was happy for cuddles, would flop out and snuggle, he’d even lay down all cozy out of hideys etc. These new pigs...
  4. cinnamon7

    Mite treatment update

    i have a guinea pig named Dove he had very bad mites, and was also having seizures. He’s finished his ivermectin treatment and is feeling much better, he has no sores and his fur is growing back also no seizures. When is he able to go back to my other guinea pigs? Here is a before and after pic:
  5. J


    I’ve kept guinea pigs for three years now. I started off with two long hairs (Pebbles and Pretzel) and a year later added another (Pip). I’ve had Pip for two years now and when I’d not had her for very long I thought she had some kind of mite. The older piggies are blonde and grey/brown but Pip...
  6. TheGuineaPiggeryat9

    Mites 🙁

    Hi everyone, I rescued 2 very sweet ex breeding teddy sows on Sunday. I noticed when I checked them over that their ears were not in a great state one worse than the other. I cleaned out a lot of wax inside the ear and lots of dry crusts around the ear and on the outside of ear. I noticed what...
  7. Wetherill

    Planning for mites!

    Today, I saw the saddest sight at a pet store, which I was visiting for the first time. They had around 8 guinea pigs—all which, to be fair, looked to be reasonably healthy, save for one sweet boy. His ears were clearly infected by fungus, and one was entirely decomposed, and was basically just...
  8. Luvx

    What could this possibly be?

    This is my guinea boy, and he has these little black dots on him? he itches there sometimes but not really. what could it be?
  9. P

    Xeno 450 dosage

    Hi Please can I have my dosage checked for my guinea pigs? I have xeno 450. Nancy is 995g. Pumpkin is 1120g.
  10. P

    Mite treatment injection and xeno

    Does anyone know how long after a mite injection they can have xeno? The piggies have had two mite injections, second one 12 days after the first. It's been 10 days since the last mite injection. They are getting quite itchy, and I was going to ask the vet about if they could either have another...
  11. lauryn1289

    100g weight loss

    Hi everyone, probably my billionth post here lately lol. My boy Ollie was weighed at the vets today and came on at 1kg, his last weight check I did was about 1.11kg if I remember correctly so give or take 100g weight loss. I only just kinda registered his weight went down now. He does have mange...
  12. RheMae

    Guinea pig won't stop scratching, don't want to stress him too badly!

    Hi all. Me again. I hope it's okay, I've read so much, and it helps to get advice from other piggy parents. So I started with 3 boys, Judo, Guts, and Bert. Judo passed away after a trip to the ER, I believe due to gut stasis I wasn't informed of. I scheduled an appointment for Guts the same...
  13. blackie&tootsie

    EMERGENCY HELP! Baby guinea pig mites

    Hello, I'm a new piggy owner and I am worried for my male baby guinea pig, he's about 1-2 months old. 2 weeks ago, I got him from a pet shop. Bringing him home, I noticed he got a white hard thing in his hair on his neck (Idk how to insert an image). I didn't notice him excessively scratch and...
  14. G

    Newly adopted boar shows bald spots!

    Hi! Just adopted this pair of boars. One has bald spots while the other doesn’t (or at least I haven’t seen!) I need help identifying what these might indicate — are they typical bald spots from fighting/barbering, or are they mites? Any help appreciated! He gets annoyed when i touch in that...
  15. C

    Small long bug found in guinea pig cage?

    I found these bugs in my guineas cage, I’m treating him for some type of mite/lice not sure what. Could it be these and what is it called? So grossed out!
  16. P

    Is this mites?

    Hi. I’ve had my piggy Peaches for an while now. I was checking her over this evening and I saw she had a patch of dry skin on her ear. Is this mites? She’s registered with a vet so I might give them a call anyway but I wondered if this looked familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance
  17. F

    Skin Issues..

    Hi! I’ll try to keep it short. Fred and Harry my 10 month old boars have recently undergone a 5 week course of Ivermectin injections (1 per week) at the vets for suspected mites. After the 4th injection I was not convinced that they they were fully healed so contacted the vet again. This time...
  18. F

    Treatment for mites

    Hi Can anyone tell me if treatment for mites will make the skin look worse before it gets better? My two boys are on a 4 week course of Ivermectin injections at the vets. They had the first one on Thursday but their skin is looking far worse than it did prior to treatment. Is this to be...
  19. N

    Need Help Identifying Cause of Grooming Leading to Hair Loss/Bald Spot

    Hello! I wanted to get some ideas and advice on how to handle a new development with 2 of our 3 young boars (9 mos and over 1 year old). I've noticed the youngest one, Nugget, grooming the oldest one, Chip, more and more lately, but today I noticed something looked off about Chip's bum... After...
  20. F

    Fungal or mites treatment

    Hi, I am looking for some advice please. I have two boars who have always been quite itchy with frequent scratching/biting. Both my boys are scratching a lot and have dry skin. I have noticed patches of dry/flaky skin in Fred’s back which looks sore, hair was also coming out with flakes of dead...