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  1. S

    Hair Loss and Itching

    Hi- I am new to this fourm and I hope you all can help me. This morning I noticed my pig had lost a patch of hair just above her right front foot (not too big but noticeable). I have also noticed she has been itching (or gnawing, she I guess chews on it then pulls, my previous pigs did the same...
  2. GeorgiaHarris

    Bald spot?!

    I’ve noticed my 5 year old boar has got a bald spot on his bum. We’ve previously had problems with lice so I immediately thought he had got them again or maybe had mites so he’s been through a treatment of ivermectin and I’ve washed him with georgeous guineas lice shampoo but it’s still there...
  3. W

    Mange mites or fungal?

    Hey guys, So for the past several weeks, one of my pigs has been super itchy, to the point where there are open wounds on his back and he has ‘seizures’ out of the itching. He now has white dandruff-like residue in his fur and there are little chunks of hair pulled out from the follicle in his...
  4. S

    Black dots . What is that ?

    Guys what is that ?
  5. Salt and Pepper

    Bald spots ? Mites ? Advice please

    Hello, my piggy pepper has recently developed a bald patch with raised red bumps on her lower back : We are calling first thing tomorrow morning to book her in. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what this could be. She is not scratching it and doesn't seem agitated when I touch it. I...
  6. Sophiiiaac

    I think my piggy has a fungus! PLZ HELP

    My guinea pig has a bumpy white fungus looking thing behind her ear. There is some blood but I watched her for a while and she hasn’t been scratching excessively. I googled it and it said that it could be ringworm or mites? I’m not sure how to treat her and there aren’t any vets near me that are...
  7. C

    Weird scab with spur like thing on piggies back

    I was stroking my 6 year old female guinea pig and found a small blackish scab on her back, along with what looks like a spur. It is painful for her if I tap it even lightly. I'm not sure whether it is something like mange or not because she doesn't seem to be itching. She has a cage mate and...
  8. CavyCanadienMom

    Advice for mites

    I have 2 boars and they just had their third and fourth round of revolution. This is my first time dealing with mites, vet is treating them for mites for now because all their signs point to that. Skin scrapping might be in future which I don’t want for them. I’m wanting advice on should I bath...
  9. CavyCanadienMom

    Neem Leaf Powder Over Oil?

    My two boars are being treated for mites with revolution by my vet, but to help with the the itching and kill the lil beggars off faster, I was looking at neem oil. The thought of smothering them in oil for a day or two doesn't sound fun since they are both hairy Abyssinian breed. I was...
  10. Beth Steele

    Possible Fur Mites?

    So today I noticed my guinea pig (Maple) had a tiny bald patch in the middle of her back. I didn't really see any dandruff around it, and it wasn't really red. Although behind that bald patch behind both her ears (that I think most guineas have) she had sort of scaley looking skin. I'm kind of...
  11. pigpaws


    A month ago, one of the piggies in my last pair passed away, leaving her sister, Ted, behind. Her sister (a Rex/Teddy) had quite a rough mourning process, but is coming to her senses and I'm now looking into the adoption of two young sows to keep her company. However, I've noticed that on her...
  12. K

    Neem Oil?

    So, Lalo had a little check up. Luckily, I knew this person so, I got a discount but the whole medicine is too much right now. They recommended that I used "Neem oil". It supposedly kills mites and eggs. Leave it in their fur for 48 hours? Boil the oil first and then wait to cool and then rub it...
  13. Isabela

    Ivermectin - Which One To Buy?

    I wanted to buy Ivermectin for a while now for my guinea pigs. I just got a new one and it looks like she has dry skin and therefore mites probably. I want to buy Ivermectin from Ebay. Can somebody send me a link to what I should look for or which one is recommended?
  14. Isabela

    Guinea Pigs Scratching And Biting Because Of Washing Powder?

    Hello. Is there any chance that my guinea pigs scratch and bite themselves because the washing powder that I use for their fleece blankets doesn't suit them? I've since changed it. I used a liquid powder Blink Color Waschmittel Ultra-Sensitiv and now I switched to the powder one. The one I...
  15. Isabela

    Scratching And Biting Because Of Hay Dust?

    Is it possible that my two guinea pigs are scratching and biting themselves because of the hay? The hay is fresh and it's always dusty. It's from home, not from a store. Since a lot of people have allergies and dry skin because of that, is it possible that they have it too? They've been to the...
  16. MollyB

    Mites Or Fungal Infection?

    Hi all! I've taken Teddy to the vets almost 2 weeks ago as he had fur loss, flaky skin, and was scratching a lot. The vet said it was mites and gave him Xeno 50-mini, which we need to us every 2 weeks 2 more times. However, I've been looking online as he's still been scratching, maybe a little...
  17. C

    What Are These? Mites, Lice, Flees, Dandruff?!

    hi there, I have 8 female Guinea pigs (they live in 2 ground of 4) The big ginger and white American one is 10 months, the big blonde and white Abyssinian is 9 months. They both live with 3 other Guinea pigs who are all the same age, roughly 2.5 months, their bedding is simple newspaper, they...
  18. Lexipiggie

    Mites, Now Need New Hiders, Advice?

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I noticed Coco scratching her back so I investigated and noticed a few small flakey patches under her fur. I took her to the vet and they confirmed she has mites. They said that mites can also burrow into wooden hides in the cage and that when we apply the medicine...
  19. BiggiesMom

    Red Bald Patch; Fungal Or From Stress?

    Hi! I've had my guinea pig Biggie for a month now. I was looking into adopting another guinea pig so he could have a friend when i noticed he has a patch of hair missing/thinning and the skin is red in some spots, white in others and bleeding from when i think he scratches at it. He also has a...
  20. W

    White Specks On Fur

    Both of my guinea pigs have very soft fur, it has been so for months. They have no bald spots but do scratch themselves some times. My vet told me that it is normal, especially in the summer. Today I was clipping their nails and noticed that Nymeria had white specks on her fur (shes mostly black...