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need advice

  1. K

    Is this food good for my guinea pigs

    This food good for my piggies? And if so, how much should I feed them with it?
  2. emily21

    Ultrasonic pest repellant

    Hi guys just wandered if anyone has used those ultrasonic pest repellents? I was wondering if I used them upstairs would it effect my piggies downstairs or would this be okay? The descriptions says only an issue for hamsters but just wanted to be safe
  3. S

    How to clean the cage when the guinea pigs are new and still scared?

    Hello! I have had my guinea pigs for 5 days now and they are still very reserved and won’t come out of their hide when I sit or stand too close to their cage. I have spot cleaned daily since I got them but now I need to clean out the entire cage. The problem is, as previously mentioned, that...
  4. S

    URI? Help?

    My sister called me worried about her guinea pig late tonight. He has runny/crusty nose, runny eyes that look like a white discharge and he is mouth breathing with clicking sounds. He also peed an orangish red color I can’t call the vet till morning and I’m worried about him! He is eating but...
  5. Dimite102245

    Guinea pig climbing into hay feeder

    One of the new guinea pigs I got (her name is Cupcake) keeps climbing on top of her hay feeder. I’m worried that I’ll go to bed at night and then wake up with her feet stuck in her feeder. Does anyone have any advice on how to get her to stop doing that? Right now I have the feeder higher up...
  6. K

    Should I seperate my two boats so close to getting them

    Yesterday I purchased two males from a farm that, due to covid had to find new homes for their huge herd. I've been told both guinea pig are around 5 months although Elvis is significantly larger than Bob. Although they both seemed to be living harmoniously since we got them home, once they were...
  7. Stella&Twist

    My Guinea Pig had a stroke please help me with questions :(

    My baby Stella couldn’t walk Tuesday when I woke up she seemed kind of disoriented and was walking slowly in circles and had a head tilt, figured maybe it was an ear infection so I was gonna take her to the vet Friday.. well that wasn’t the case at all she started getting bad throu out the night...
  8. C

    New Piggies Frozen and not moving

    Hi All I picked up my new brothers of guinea pigs (9weeks old) and they are in there cage but both are frozen. They are not moving. :( I appreciate that they will be shy and that hiding in there hidies is common but I haven’t read anything about being complexly frozen. It’s been about an hour...
  9. P

    Crusty eye?

    My guinea pigs recovered from a URI about two weeks ago. Yesterday, we picked them up from a four-night stay at my grandma's house. After bringing them back home, I noticed one of my piggies had a bit of white crust in the inner corner of her eye. Although a bit sleepy, she was acting and eating...
  10. E

    Thick layer of crust covering vagina?

    My little piggy has gone through alot. I think she's like two months old? Unsure. She's a problematic albino. She had gotten surgery on her eye. And while doing the surgery she was accidentally burnt on her stomach near her vagina. She had since healed from that but it has definitely left a bald...
  11. B

    Ill guines pig got bit by his cagemate

    Hi there! Long time lurker but this is my first post! I've learned a lot from this forum but was hoping to get some opinions and/pr advice. I am a first time Guinea Pig owner so I'm still learning new things about them. My 2 year old, Schmill, has recently been diagnosed with a bladder stone...
  12. J

    Floor Time

    So i offer floor time every day to my guinea pig i also make sure they have water and food on the floor but i was wondering so is there such a thing as to much floor time as i generally when cleaning out there cage i use fleece so i will wash it like once a week or some times two times and when...
  13. J

    just a question

    so a guinea pig i have his friend died recently and i was going to get him a new friend but he seems more happy alone so my question is is he achily happy alone ps i just got him like 2 or so months
  14. PiggyPoo

    Boy or Girl?! Help!

    There some hay in there! What should I do?!12 weeks old xx
  15. E

    A whole bunch of questions from a wannabe guinea pig owner

    Hi!*waves* So.... I just joined the forum, and have a few questions (that are NOT about the forum, sorry if that was unclear) Question one: $$$$ I want to get two guinea pigs, (two females) and I’m wondering the monthly cost. I’m in middle school, so I still live my parents, and they said...