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need help

  1. M

    Brand-New Owner in Need of Advice!

    Hello! I just signed up for this forum. I'm in need of some assistance with my new guinea pigs! I have just adopted two sows from someone who was moving. I'm the oldest of six, and my family has wanted some new pets for a while now. We picked them up, both of them in separate cages, and...
  2. Kiko+Peanut

    Possible Broken Leg.

    :help:I could use some help. I'm afraid Kiko's leg might be broken or injured. She limps everywhere and doesn't run, popcorn, anything. Peanut follows her everywhere and gives her a good nudge when Kiko plops down. Peanut is trying her best to help her. My mother was trying to check out Kiko's...
  3. G

    Help! Very Sick Guinea Girl

    Something is very wrong. My Ava girl is about 6 months old and has not had any problems until recently. I took her in to a small animals vet because she was coughing and then wheezing. They Took an x-ray but said that it was inconclusive. The doctors best guess was that she was suffering from...
  4. Elke

    Introducing New (male) Guinea Pig - Advice Needed

    So, here's the situation: We have two guinea pigs (males), they've always been together (they're two years old). They behave normally, although we noticed that the alpha is mounting the other pig pretty often - but it was never anything dangerous for piggies. We have decided to adopt a new...
  5. csmith9nr

    Help With Bridge?! (new Setup)

    This is the guinea pigs new home, I've gave them an extension so they have extra room. But I can't get one of them to go other the bridge, he just won't jump up. I've tried persuading him with food but all he does is lean on it and not put his back legs on. Helppp what should I do? The...
  6. Robynnlouu

    In Need Of Help!

    Hey guys! So yesterday i got 2 new guinea pigs! I'm a first time owner and just want to make sure I'm doing everything right! My question is (I'm sure there will be many more!) do you use woodshavings or fleece for your piggies? At the mo i have shavings down as thats what the store...
  7. bumbling-bambi

    Can Anyone Help Me Choose A Good Bedding For My Boys?

    So my two boars are currently on a fine grade heavily dust extracted wood shaving - i've always used this mostly because i had a horse that was allergic to dust of pretty much any sort and always had it lying around. I'd asked my vet in the past if it would be ok and because it was totally dust...
  8. E

    Worried About Mounting A Bit...

    Hello , Yesterday i have bought another GP for my original guinea pig , both males. They don't chatter teeth or bite , but i am a little worried about mounting , is it normal for the young guinea pig ( not the mounting one , the mounted ) to run away? there is chasing envolved within the...