1. V

    Guinea pics terrified at vets

    Hi all, I went to the vets for the first time with my guinea pigs yesterday and come away feeling disheartened 😩. The experience at the vets yesterday was awful, they were incredibly nervous, cowering underneath their fleece, one was squealing incredibly loudly, she threw herself into the hay...
  2. L

    new piggies, very timid/scared

    Hi everyone! We got two small girl guinea pigs 4 weeks ago, they were 2 months old when we got them. They are called Coco and Winnie. They live in a heated shed outdoors most of the time, in a big hutch, and every afternoon we bring them inside for a few hours, into a run in the dining room...
  3. F3RN

    Scared of being picked up?

    Hi, I’ve got two guinea-pigs Eric and Ernie (Eric is the black piggy in my picture and Ernie the blonde one). Earlier today Ernie jumped out of my hands and miraculously fell into a hanging basket so he didn’t fall on the ground! I think he’s okay, I’m keeping an eye on him but there doesn’t...
  4. natalieskeene

    Piggi With Long Hair

    My piggie has long hair especially around her butt and it has started to become matted. She loves to be stroked but hates being picked up and because of this I’m struggling to be able to cut it off! Does anyone have any tips for nervous pigs?!
  5. K

    New Guinea Pigs Settling In

    i have 2 males, I got them last week and one is setting in well (and seems to be the boss!) and making lots of noise and exploring and eating well.. the other one is very quiet, barely makes any noise and just hides in his hutch and doesn't appear to be eating as well as the other one. They are...
  6. KaitlinH

    How Can I Build Their Confidence?

    We got some new piggies a while ago and they're still very shy and nervous. They are in a quiet environment with a big pen. They are two male piggies who get along well but can argue over veggies from time to time. They can also be handled by people but freeze and don't move because of nerves...