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  1. E

    Advice on Neutering

    Hi everyone! Needing some advice, I have two male pigs at a year old and recently took on a female pig. Her previous owners are friends with my mum and went on holiday about a month ago and my mum volunteered for me to take care of her for two weeks, two weeks has turned into me now keeping her...
  2. Brackenwolf1

    Cataract guinea pigs

    I have just been told that my male rescued guinea pig has advanced cataract in both eyes and I was wondering if the vets could do anything about it as he is only about 3 years old. Also, he is on his own at present and I was wondering if I should get him a companion as he has a really chilled...
  3. G

    Guinea Pig Names

    Hey! I just got my guinea pigs yesterday. I have one that came with a name that I like and one that I'm not too fond of. Do you have any suggestions? Here's a little bit about him: He is a male He is brindle-ish: light caramel-like brown, black, and a little bit of white near his ears and...
  4. doodlecountry

    Eye Crust?

    Hi everyone, my guinea pig Layla seems to have some eye crust! It's dried whiteish-yellow crust. I just introduced her to my other guinea pig, Cookie, and noticed that Layla had a few sneezes, (around 10 in 1-2 hours). She seems to be eating and drinking properly, but I'm afraid she might have a...
  5. oofitsnaomi

    New Guinea Pigs Not Drinking

    Hi! I recently adopted two guinea pigs, Finn and Parker. Finn is cream and white, Parker is black, white and cream. Here is them in their travel cage when we were preparing to take them home! They're three months old. I put them in their cage. They won't come out of their little hut so I put...
  6. T

    Help! Guinea pig grieving

    Hello, I need some help for my guinea Bailey. Yesterday his buddy Bear sadly passed away. Bailey is almost 2 years old and was the dominant one and did nip bear once but they got along well. He is grieving (laying where bear was found, not moving much and generally not being his squeaky self!)...
  7. C

    Piggies Prefer Small Cage

    hello, I’ve got my first piggies after wanting them for years so I want to do everything right. They are only babies at the moment so my plan is one the weather is warmer to put them outside and they can have their hutch out onto the grass but for now they are inside . They have a cage and an...
  8. Jesse's pigs

    Doggy Owners- Introducing A Puppy With An Older Dog.

    You may or may not know that as well as my two pigs,rabbit,hamster and two tortoises I also own a dog- Molly. Molly is our little girl and first ever dog- my mum loves her as if she is a second daughter and I myself often refer to her as my sister. She is on the smaller side despite being a...
  9. Jennybug89

    Does She Need A Supplement?

    So as some of you know I have been giving our first piggy Rosie Vitamin C supplement since I realised the state she came to me in. We got a new piggy today from the pet shop. She came to them from the breeder yesterday. (yes she is quarantined and yes I would have rescued if there was one near...
  10. Piggy996

    My Piggy's Journey

    Hello, these are the pics of my Piggy from the day 1 (when we got him) to these days after he got much more comfortable and friendly :)
  11. Piggy996

    My Piggy Doesn't Have A Buddy But I Hope We Can Make Up For That

    Hi people, I got my Piggy a month ago from a pet shop. Since the shop was in another town, we had to put him in the car and drive him. I was very afraid how will he endure it, but it was okay. He was in the same place with rabbits in the store, so I guess that he was lonely and scared and that...
  12. DanielleParkes

    New Guinea Owner!

    I recently bought 2 male guinea pigs at 20 weeks old and I was advised to hold them for at least 30 minutes a day so they can get used to human contact. One of them if very active and makes squeaking noise and will take food from my hand whilst the other just scuttles up to my neck and will lay...
  13. Pig_mum

    Help! My New Guinea Pig Is Being Bullied

    I have two guinea pigs, Primrose (1 year and 2 months old) and Jemima (approx. 6 years old). I adopted Jemima with another guinea pig, Gordon, from Woodgreen Animal Shelter 4 years ago and due to a number of health complications, Gordon died in February 2016. So in the April of 2016, we got...
  14. Robynnlouu

    In Need Of Help!

    Hey guys! So yesterday i got 2 new guinea pigs! I'm a first time owner and just want to make sure I'm doing everything right! My question is (I'm sure there will be many more!) do you use woodshavings or fleece for your piggies? At the mo i have shavings down as thats what the store...
  15. Tiayra

    New Piggy

    So, finally. I got Nanook a little friend. I know it has been a while since I posted about her. And I thank everyone who gave advice. She was seeming down and recluse, so we finally got her a friend. Her name is Nymeria. Currently they are in separate cages. When we brought her home we bathed...
  16. Watermelon-Pets

    New Additions To The Family!

    Due to the recent death of my piggy Brownie. I was left with a very timid little girl named biscuit. So I decided she needed a friend. I gave her time to come to terms with everything, and unexpectedly my dad got me TWO piggies! He let me pick them out, so I picked a black/beige and a...