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new guinea

  1. Angelina_97866

    Bonding to make a trio

    Hi, I have just adopted a pair of sows and am hoping that I can introduce a younger sow to form a trio. Obviously I have to wait a couple of weeks or more for them to settle in and trust us, but would it work trying to do this? The pair I have are 1 years old. (Photo from previous owner)
  2. Mh29

    Are my Guinea pigs getting along?

    Hi, looking for some quick advice. I got 2 Guinea pigs yesterday. (Both female, roughly 12 weeks). All day yesterday they didn’t come out from the little houses. Today they have been exploring the cage, eating and drinking and running around. I have noticed today that they appear to be chasing...
  3. H

    New Guineas can’t find water

    Hi! We got two guinea girls yesterday and we’ve been leaving them to settle in and have fed them veg by hand so they warm up to us. Luckily they seem really confident with that. However, they don’t appear to have touched their water bottle and I’m worried they can’t find it! Any tips or will...
  4. Micela

    Guinea Pigs don't seem to get along.. Help ~!

    so i got a new guinea pig so Hani (female 8 months old) wouldn't be lonely, shes very small but is brave.. the new guinea pig is 3 years old and female as well, shes very big and so i tried to make them meet each other and it seemed fine, Hani was smelling and the new guinea pig was sleeping in...
  5. C

    One Or Two Story Hutch?

    hey, I was wondering if people had found that getting two storey hutches with a built in run are worth getting (we have a foldable run at the moment but we probably won't be able to get it out for them to play in everyday). Our two sows are new so if we are going to get a different hutch is it...
  6. C

    Two New Guinea Pigs That Are Scared

    hey, so I got two sows just over a day ago and so far, even when I just sit by the hutch and talk to them if I move they jump away. I've also tried opening the hutch door and putting my hands in so they can get used to my scent, but when I move to stroke them they jump away. Is this normal?
  7. ChloeCee98

    Timid Guinea Pig Or Just Not Settled Yet?

    So I got my little guinea pig a few days before Christmas, (12-14 weeks old). I picked her in the shop because she didn't run away when we went to say hello - now I know she was freezing lol! She has come out of her shell a lot although she still does hide away most of the time and has to be...