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new owner

  1. ripcoconuttheguineapig

    Complete Care Preparation: Trying To Put Product To Good Use

    I am somewhat new to guinea pigs, as in for a week in 2021 I had coconut in a starter kit due to the sad mistake of completely trusting a pet store, [ WHICH IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD BE DONE KNOWINGLY OF OTHER SOLUTIONS] who ended up getting ringworm. After having a hamster and giving it the...
  2. R

    Bonding behavior?

    Hi I just recently got two male guinea pigs resses and York I got resses first around Halloween and I just recently got York, resses has always been very sweet and cuddly with me but as soon as I got York he doesn't want to cuddle anymore he is obsessed with York constantly following him cuddles...
  3. Skunks_n.bees

    Piggies are trusting me less and less ?

    I’ve had my piggies for about a month now (I rescued them from a shelter and they are both about 5 months old) and at first things were progressing at a steady rate. I didn’t hold them or try to touch them for the first few days, and they started eating out of my hand very quickly. When I...
  4. E

    Guinea Pigs Tussling in better home

    Hi! I just adopted a bonded trio of three boys (3,2 and 2) the shelter said they were bonded. They seemed to be in a horrible place (in a pen meant for one pig and only one large hide.) I’ve gotten them a big enough pen (2 connected 60 in x 30in) and 3 of everything. They have been chasing...
  5. B

    new piggie owner

    Hi! I just got two new 3 month old guinea pigs two days ago and I’m super eager to start bonding with them. I’ve made it a point to chat with them softly and sit by their cage with my hand resting near the door, and they’ve started eating and drinking in front of me. Yesterday I tried hand...
  6. K

    New with guinea pigs here and I have some concerns

    I'll cut right to chase. I've had s guinea pig for 2 days and when I approach one of my guinea pigs, one immediately hides in its hidey and the other just freezes in place and usually stands in one corner of the cage. But when I'm not around they roam the cage freely. Even when I am writing this...
  7. C

    Worried new owner, skin condition

    Hello everyone. I’ve just found a skin problem on one of my guinea pigs and I’m hoping you can put my mind at ease until I can get him to a vet tomorrow. We have had our two boys for just over a week and this evening on the top of cocos head, I noticed a built-up patch of skin that is white in...
  8. Author

    First Owner of a Guinea Pig

    Hey I am Gabby. I have a guinea pig name Author. He is somewhere between 9-10 weeks old. I got him 2 weeks ago. He is very first guinea pig. Today I notice he was not hopping and running around in his home like he normally does. He has been laying down mostly today very time check on him. Can...
  9. G

    New owner desperate for help.

    Hi everyone. I just recently adopted (three days ago) two piggies. The previous owner had no information on them and their living conditions were not very good. From what I could tell these are two boys. One is quite a bit bigger than the other and seems to always bully the smaller one...
  10. B

    New guinea pigs taming, 3 girls.

    Hey! I’ve just joined this forum so please bear with me. I’ve recently adopted 3 little sows; they’re beautiful and the most beautiful nature but they are extremely shy [for reference they are all roughly 8 weeks old]. Whenever anyone walks into the room with their cage, they immediately hide...
  11. Niblers momma

    Adding a New Guinea pig

    Hi, I just found this forum when searching a question I had about my newly acquired guinea pigs. My daughter rescued a pair of guinea pigs, and had no idea the female was pregnant. Ended up having 3 babies, 1 boy and 2 girls. She has to travel for a while, so I now have the 3 babies, born...
  12. kyra01

    2 guinea pigs

    My boyfriend and I bought a guinea pig a couple weeks ago. We decided to get him a new friend today. Tupac is the one we had for a couple of weeks and is 1 and Biggie, the one we got today, is a little younger. They were introduced and Tupac immediately starting mounting him. We eventually put...
  13. cocodapig

    Any other new piggy owners with anxiety?

    I just got a 5 week old female guinea pig about three days ago, i have really bad anxiety and I'm always worrying about if somethings wrong with her. whether it’s with her droppings or bumblefoot or even her teeth. i feel like I'm not doing good enough. we have bonded very quickly and she seems...
  14. A

    New GP owner needs help

    Just a couple of days ago i became a GP owner and i need some advice for a housing situation. My GP, Hilda, was gifted to me for my birthday and i immediatly started informing myself about everything she needs and how to take care of her properly. So, i read GP need about 8 Sq.Ft. of living...
  15. K

    Will boars be less likely to fight if i buy them together?

    I'm looking to buy 2 piggies, ideally females but if they aren't available maybe 2 males. I've heard they are more likely to fight, is that in all cases or just when you've bought them separately. I was thinking if they are already living together when I buy them will they be more likely to get on?
  16. M

    Bonding is not going well :(

    I’ve had my guinea pig for about two months with out any problem. She’s about a month and a half old. So I decided to get a new one so they can bond. I reached out to a rescue and they had one female named lea she’s at least half a year old ( 100g bigger) but that said she was antsy. I wanted...
  17. Hannahb2804

    Having the cage below a window

    Sorry for asking so many questions just want to be prepared, I’m wanting to put my 2x4 c&c cage on the floor next to a window, I know there’s a concern for drafts but there isn’t a draft coming from the window and I’ll have a blanket underneath the cage and they will have fleece bedding & hideys...
  18. C

    New Piggies Frozen and not moving

    Hi All I picked up my new brothers of guinea pigs (9weeks old) and they are in there cage but both are frozen. They are not moving. :( I appreciate that they will be shy and that hiding in there hidies is common but I haven’t read anything about being complexly frozen. It’s been about an hour...
  19. L

    Can't identify this sound?

    Recently me and my boyfriend separated a guinea from two others that his little brother owns because he was getting bullied. We now keep him with us by himself as when we tried to place him back in they were continuously fighting. My boyfriend is worried because he's making this sound and I...
  20. mackenzieluvslife

    stepping on eachother?

    hello! i’m not sure if i’m doing this right as this is my first post here:) i just got my two female piggies a few weeks ago. one black and brown named Mocha, and one White and Cream colores named Latte. i’m very confused with their behaviour. at first, i thought they got along great. they...