new piggie

  1. L

    New piggies advice

    Hi everyone, I got my two guinea pigs close to a month ago at 9 weeks old. Since I’ve had them they really haven’t been making much progress and I’m worried they’re unhappy and what more I can do :no: I have two baby brothers in a big hutch style cage with a run, lots of hides, tunnels, chew...
  2. NeidenX

    Introducing Guinea Pig!

    Hi! I'm new here, i adopted 2 guinea pigs, they're brothers and they're always been together, they get along pretty well and they have fun together, but like a week ago i adopted their father and the introduction was going pretty well they were even sharing the cage and everything without...
  3. G

    Small Black Patch by Butt

    I have just gotten a new guinea pig today and he seems completely healthy behavior wise, but when I was letting him run around in a pen by himself for a bit I noticed a little black patch right above his butt/lower back area. It seems like a scab and I tried pulling it off and it didn't bother...
  4. A

    Guinea Pig lying down at floor time

    Hi, new to the piggie parenting. I have had my guinea pig for 5 days now. He is a year and a half old black Abyssinian. The past 4 days I’ve given him food by hand (carrots, salads, pepper, hay) and he comes back to the cage door for more from me and I’ve done floor time. I take the wire part of...
  5. rinlalin

    Welcoming My New Piggie! Proper Size?

    hello all! i just got my little boy caramel a friend! his name is chocolate and i'll be posting pictures later. my question is, i have the midwest 8 sq ft cage. i work today and tomorrow and can't be around for bonding (plus, chocolate has to settle in for 24-48 hours). is this good enough for...
  6. rinlalin

    New Piggie Won't Eat Timothy Hay?

    hello all! i got a new piggie today to be a buddy for my bootsy, but when i went to pick him up, the cage he was in had NO timothy hay whatsoever. just pellets and water. the pigs were all healthy and plump, so it's not looking like they were starving. the boy i picked out ate some pellets on...
  7. rinlalin

    Meet Caramel!

    hello all! today, i decided to pick up a second guinea pig. his name is caramel! i'm in love with him already! he's a baby, about 1 month old. he's just so precious! give him lots of love in the thread EDITED BY A MODERATOR
  8. rinlalin

    Piggies From Breeders?

    hello all! it's me again, bootsy's loving momma! i'm here to talk about his new buddy i'm getting. i looked up some guinea pig breeders/rescues near me and found this lovely litter of baby show piggies! do you guys think breeders are a humane place to get piggies from? the piggies i'm going...
  9. rinlalin

    Am I Bonding Right?

    so i got a baby piggie a few days ago. i let him sit for the first two days or so, and so now i've started to take out his hiding things once a day so i can pick him up and hold him. i figure he probably won't voluntarily come out on his own so i have to take the hides out to bond with him. i...
  10. rinlalin

    Guinea Pig Purring? Happy or Angry?

    I just got a guinea pig a couple days ago and found out about 3 hours after I got him, that when I lightly scratch his back he purrs. theres a video here for you guys to analyze. is he happy with the scratches, or is he angry? also please give me tips on how to make him feel comfortable and...
  11. ToastandBeans

    Meet Pudding!

    On Thursday, we lost Toast, which was a big shock for both me and Beans. She was four years old, and showed no signs of illness. We needed to get Beans a new friend as she was showing signs of boredom and a bit sad :( So we went and found Pudding! She’s adorable, and she’s going to bring so...