1. EllieHawkins

    Lump under guinea pig’s nipple.

    I’d been noticing a strange brown liquid coming from Peppa. At this point I hadn’t been sure where it was coming from as there wasn’t anything there that I could tell from. It had only happened twice until tonight it happened again and I decided to look at the source. It was coming from her...
  2. bumbling-bambi

    Red And Sore Looking Nipple (boar)

    Hi everyone I haven't posted in a while! Ive noticed this evening that one of my boars has a rather red and sore looking nipple! I am working on taking some photos and trying to gently feel around the area to work out if it is tender or not but alas i need another pair of hands! (other half is...
  3. CraigGlasgow

    Ball On End Of Nipple And Swollen Testicles?

    Hey all, Weasley is still suffering his tummy problems but he is starting to have more good days than bad since stopping his meds and going on to his dry diet with minimal pellets, although he's been chewing the correx in protest of the pellet reduction! :P I noticed a few days ago his nipple...