1. Wiggypigs03

    Crust on guinea pig's snout

    My guinea pig Mickey has been developing a crusty spot on the end of his nose. It's not around his nostrils so I don't think it's anything to do with a runny nose. I thought he might have gotten something on the end of his nose that dried up, but when rubbed with a wet cloth, nothing came off...
  2. littlewinng

    Possible URI Symptoms?

    How can you tell if your guinea pig has a respiratory infection? My boy has some yellow/green dried up snot on his left nostril (never the right one). He also has a cut under his left nostril by his lip that looks a bit swollen, I’m not sure how it happened but it appeared yesterday morning...
  3. Sonnet

    Sprout’s snoot

    Just showing off his nose and whiskers. Yep, nothing to see here!
  4. Fi8891

    Black Scab Around Nostril

    My boy Noodle has recently developed a black scab-like patch around his nostril. He’s had a small black spot there for a long time, but it didn’t suggest any cause for concern. Recently (within the last week) he’s got this big scabby area. It doesn’t appear to be ringworm as the rest of his coat...
  5. K

    Constant Scrapping

    I have two 6 month old boars, tonight the fighting hit an all time high when one of them came away dripping blood from where he had been bitten on his nose and mouth, he already had a chunk missing from his ear and multiple cuts on his nose but tonight was the worst it’s been since the ear which...
  6. N

    Guinea Pig With Ongoing Respiratory Problems :(

    Since October 1st my guinea pig Mickey has had issues, first it was her breathing making my vet believe she had a URI meaning antibiotics for a week, from there she seemed fine but started getting problems again with breathing a sound of a stuffy nose when she breathed so I brought her to the...
  7. C

    Cut On Young Guinea Pig, Vet Worthy?

    i have three guinea pigs, two of which were just introduced about a week ago. they are getting alone fine and playing well but one morning i noticed a cut on one's face. it almost looks white powdery around it and is scabbing a lot. i've been gently cleaning it and it doesn't seem to be...
  8. Beckwois

    Pig Making Crackling Noises

    Hello all! Sorry for the late night post but I'm desperate for some advice. My pig has been making strange noises when she breathes, I can only describe the sound as sort of like a duck! I've taken her to the vets who have listened to her chest and said it's all clear, and she's completely...
  9. Megannah

    Bald Patch On Nose

    Hello, last week I found on my Piggie Marshall I noticed a small patch of hair above his nose was dry and stuck together, I looked it up on line and i couldn't find anything , but today as I picked him up the dried hair was hanging of his nose and fell off and underneath was a tiny red sore? His...
  10. batata

    Nasal Issues

    The backstory: I bought my two guinea pigs from Pets at Home (due to lack of better knowledge at the time). Unsurprisingly, they are victims of bad breeding. They are now 5 years old but in very good shape for their age, not yet showing signs of aging at all. Due to the bad breeding, Loki's...
  11. C

    Urgent - Guinea Pig Nose Does Not Look Okay

    My male 7 months old guinea pig, Chubby, is the cutest thing that has ever happened to me. He has been fine and healthy, and he still seems very fine and healthy and happy. He likes the sounds he hears all the time, including bells, which never fail to make him purr. I signed up here and am...
  12. WinnieandBear

    Fungal? Pus? Strange White Lumpy Matter? Please Help

    Hello again guys, I have discovered yet another problem with one of my girls this morning. Bear has a strange lumpy white/green matter above her nose which doesn't wipe off and I'm suspecting some sort of fungal infection? It's in a strip down her nose and looks like lots of tiny white eggs or...
  13. REBrowning

    Crusty/scabby Nose

    Hi, my male guinea pig has this on his nose it looks like a big scab but it's solid and seems to be quite deep in him. I thought he had had a fight with another one of our guinea pigs and had gotten it from that but I don't think it's the case anymore. Is this something we should be worried...
  14. Beans&Toast

    Just Chillin'...

    Beans :love:
  15. PeanutandGus

    Scabby/crusty Nose

    My pig has a really crusty nose and seems to have something brown under the fur and I can work out what it is or what's causing it.. He's eating and behaving normally, I will book a vets appointment in the morning but just wondered if anyone has any ideas or had similar things?:soz: Thank you...
  16. Pandapudge

    I Spy A Chooken, A Nose And Some Pretty Colours!

    the girls and I tried out brushing this evening. I think they aren't quite sure what to think of it - there were little chirps and lots of stillness!