old age

  1. MeganSambrook

    Older than we think?

    Hi, I’ve posted on here a couple of times with regards to Bobby. We rescued him and were told by the family we have got him off that he was 10 months old (in December). We next rescued Beans at 5 months old for a friend for him and they are just so different - Beans is lively and playful...
  2. M

    Dental Old Guinea pig losing weight

    Hi all! This is my first post on here! My guinea pig, Skyla, is over 6 years old now and she has started losing weight. I know that it is normal for older guinea pigs to lose weight but I’m still concerned non the less. I brought her down to the vets a few weeks ago when these problems started...
  3. W

    My guinea pig is so skinny! I don't know whats wrong

    First off I do have to say my guinea pig is quite old, she's around 7 years old. For the past little while she's become very skinny and lethargic but she's still very ravenous when food or treats are coming..the only problem is, she doesn't chew properly, not the way she used to atleast or like...
  4. S

    Tumor?Not sure

    My guinea pig Charlie has been fine ever since that tooth problem, but as I was petting him, i felt a small lump on his right shoulder in his flab area.Does anyone know if this is an early stage of cancer? I feel like I’m overreacting a bit, but it’s not on the left side of his body either.I...
  5. Hollyxxx

    Problem with eye

    I discovered today my guinea pig ozzy, who is almost 7 now, has something wrong with one n of his eyes. It has turned a bluey colour with a white spot in the middle. He normally has black brown eyes. There was movement of the white dot occasionally but it seems like he is unable to see out of...
  6. Yaswinn

    Limping guinea pig

    Hello, i really need help. I have a female guinea pig, which is almost 7 year old. Two days ago, she started walking in a rather funny way. It looks like her leg is swollen and she holds it in the air all the time. She's eating and drinking, at least a bit. The question is, is it worth taking...
  7. Jesspiggies

    3 Sows: Tips To Help Bonding

    Hi guys, I had one sow (Berry, around 6 years old) originally and 2 days ago I took in two young sows (pumpkin, and Wednesday, both around 6 months old) So basically, when they were first out together they were wonderful, they were eating together on neutral surroundings. I had a couple of...
  8. court29x

    Piggy Losing Hair

    My auntie's guinea pig bubble is losing her fur on both of her sides and she's confused on why? Any thoughts?
  9. E

    Elderly Guinea Pig

    Hi all!, I'd like to know what to expect from all you seasoned guinea pig owners! Our beloved Rosie is 7 1/2 and we've had her since she was about 3 months old. She's still going strong and has generally been super healthy! She was on an antibiotic a couple month ago as a precaution...
  10. Beans&Toast

    Little Update On Beans And Toasty

    I haven't been on here as much as I would like to lately, I'm traveling a lot with work as well as looking after my Mum, and Beans and Toast who are both seriously hard work! (And the reason I have to work so much to afford their vet bills :doh:) Toast has just had her 6th dental op since last...
  11. GPigSlave123

    Senior Piggy Losing Weight

    Hello, I was wondering if I can have some help with my 4 year old piggy called Porthos. Over the last 3 weeks he has lost 175g, from 1022 to 847. He still loves his veggies and his hay and is still fairly chirpy but he isn't eating his pellets. I have tried given him some mushed up pellets and...
  12. Beans&Toast

    I Think Beans Is Coming To The End Of Her Time

    I've been trying not to think about this for a while now but it's got to the point where I can't ignore it. I'm absolutely devastated but I think she's a lot older than I thought she was, and coming to the end of her time.. In the past few months I've noticed a gradual difference in her as...
  13. PiggyRuss

    Coping With Piggy Loss

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. I have just signed up to this forum so I can speak with other piggy lovers and share experiences and get advice. My wife and I have kept two lovely Guinea Pigs, Cairo and Caesar, since we moved in together nearly 8 years ago. They have always lived in the...
  14. becki2394

    Old Guinea Not Using Back Legs And Unwell.

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well! My 8 year old piggie has suddenly lost the use of her back legs and has become unwell very rapidly. Yesterday she was walking around fine, but today she takes a few steps, but then has to drag her legs behind her. She still seems like she wants to walk around...
  15. Squeak98

    Itchy Skin

    Hi, I got up this morning to find that my Guinea pig has a rather striking bald patch around her mouth and chin. The skin seems to be flaky with fur falling out in little clumps. She is an extremely old pig (She's eight and a half!) And not surprisingly in her old age she has encountered...
  16. B

    Is My Guinea Pig Heading To Rainbow Bridge?

    My female guinea pig bugsy (inspired from the Adam Sandler film bedtime stories) has been in my life for 6 years now, which I hear is really good because guinea pigs live for up to five years. We thought she would have passed away along time ago because she has this infected sore on her back...