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one pig

  1. Cryptillian

    How long should I wait after stone surgery before going boat dating?

    Hey all, decided I’d make a separate post for this question. My senior boar who is estimated to have just turned 7 (unfortunately he’s a rescue and we don’t know his true age, but I’ve had him for 3 years) is my last pig. I unfortunately lost one to pneumonia (8 years) and another to colon...
  2. L

    O my guinea pig

    What will happen when there is one guinea pig left in the shop? We were in today getting more supplies for our set up and there was one left all alone. I thought this was so sad and wanted to bring it home! Would be hard to source another single piggy though to bond with it whilst it’s still young.
  3. AdamFrench

    Now Only One Piggie :(:(:(

    Hi We had floor-time last night the girls were happy and playing. This morning I woke up to give them their morning clean and the smallest one was sitting hunched up with no interest in running away from the dustpan and brush as normal. I picked her up without any movement and her breaths were...
  4. HeulwenRose

    Seeking Advice From Owners With Just One Pig

    Hello! I would love some tips and advice from other owners who own just one pig. Honestly any responses would be greatly appreciated! Nearly two years ago, I bought two of the most lovely guinea pigs anyone could wish for. Dalek Kaan (Hopefully there are some Doctor Who fans here), the black...