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  1. dannif_piggies

    Cannot get rid of soft poops

    Sorry in advance for the long post.. So for anyone that has been following Honey's experience of having a Spay, they will know that two days before her spay she got very soft poops, and this has continued still to this day (since the 15th September), various things along the way could have...
  2. Qualcast&Flymo

    Questions re Squeaks' neutering

    Squeaks is booked in for his neutering op this Friday (13th). The plum fairy has been having a busy week so hopefully all the practice will have made her perfect and there won't be any problems! I want to make sure I am all prepared myself and get everything right so he makes a good recovery...
  3. Laura_Wiggo

    Cancer In Guinea Pigs?

    Hello lovely piggy owners, I'm new here but I'm looking for some advice for my little Trotsky. My spoilt little boy is 4 years old now, he was my first guinea pig and I'd be so lost without him! He's always been a very social piggy, cheeky and noisy and loves to be around me. 2 weeks ago I...
  4. WinnieandBear

    Time To Say Enough Is Enough? Help

    Hello, Long story very short - my girl Bear is 3 years old and has had peristent bladder sludge and infections for her whole life. Took a couple of years for a decent vet to finally diagnose and not assume bloat (useless some vets are!) and at Christmas she had a bladder flush op. She was much...
  5. BenjiAndButtons


    Barny is being put under on monday to have his teeth shaven. What can we expect?
  6. AdamFrench

    Post Op Advice

    Hi, our 18 month old sow had surgery 41 hours ago to remove a mammary cyst and nipple, and a sebaceous cyst from her rump. Each has produced a 50mm stitched wound, knitted with dissolvable stitches. She's still a lot less active but is eating hay and veggies from my hand and some on her own and...
  7. Finty

    Post Neutering Op

    Hi, my guinea pig was neutered yesterday and his behaviour is what I expect to be typical for a recovering guinea. For example, being less active etc. I have laid towels out in his cage to make sure nothing sticks to his wounds. However, I have discovered that his urine has become extremely...
  8. Y2Craig

    Post-op Advice

    Hi folks, I've used this forum a lot for advice but it's my first time posting! I have a pig going in for a small operation to remove a skin growth on his underside on Thursday. It's been recommended I seperate him from his cagemate for a couple of days afterwards for recuperation. Plan is to...
  9. E

    I'm Trying To Get My Guinea Pig To Eat After Surgery Plz Help

    Just over a week ago my guinea pig willow stopped eating. We took her too the vets and she went in for an op. Her back teeth were really sharp as she has a unusually curved jaw. Her back teeth were filed down and we were given some recovery mix to give her using a syringe. She didnt seem to want...
  10. Beans&Toast

    Toast Needs To Be Spayed (i Think).

    My vet and I have agreed today that it would be sensible to spay Toast. I'm really having second thoughts though and would appreciate your opinions on this as I'm terrified about it. (I apologise in advance as it's quite a long read) For over a year now Toast has been having hormonal issues...
  11. Parnassus

    Prepping For Post-op Care

    Hi all! I've been casually documenting my preparations to take care of Blade after her spay tomorrow! It's my first time having a guinea pig in for any surgery, so I'm quite nervous. The best way I can settle my nerves is to prepare for anything! Here's Blade (chocolate satin, white pants)...
  12. Danielle Smith

    Timeline For Recovery In The Hours After An Operation

    My two boars have just been neutered. I've brought them home from the vet and set them up in their respective hospital cages, and they're just sitting and staring straight ahead. This is very unlike them, they won't even touch a pea-flake or tomato. Initially they wouldn't move off the puppy...
  13. Watermelon-Pets

    Amputations - Help And Advice

    We all know Piggies are very expensive to care for, and sometimes they are impossible to afford. Broken legs are a common problem, yet cost a lot to fix. My piggy Chocolate broke her leg and when I took her to an exotic specialist the price was too high to repair the leg. A different vet offered...
  14. Elgifu321

    Guinea Pig Specialists In The North West?

    I have 2 male guinea pigs that are about four years old, Oswyn (pronounced: Oz-win) and Rupert and both have generally been healthy up to now- in fact the only time I can remember visiting the vets with them was when I found a wart on Ruperts bum It's harmless though but better to be safe than...
  15. F

    Post Operation Problems

    Our Popo has been in surgery yesterday for removing a big cancer on her ovaries, and we are having a bit of problems with the aftercare... we are really concerned so I'll explain her history shortly. We have her since she was a tiny little ball; now she's 4 and was very healthy until some months...
  16. H

    Serious Postoperative Complications?

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and don't really know how to keep things clear enough for you to understand, but I'll try to briefly describe the situation: So, I have two lovely boys, Drew and Barrone (both are about 2,5 years old), who get ill quite often, unfortunately. They've both been...
  17. JoannaMarie

    Ted Had Bladder Surgery On Friday - Still Not Eating Or Moving Much

    I really hope you can advise me. My baby boy Ted had a bladder operation on Friday - they thought it was bladder stones but it was actually a blood clot. He ate a little of his straw yesterday but I was syringe feeding him all day. Today there is no improvement. He didn't move all night. There...
  18. CatChurch

    Lipoma Or Sarcoma

    My Guinea pig of not even one year had to have an operation last Wednesday due to having a lump in the back of her neck. The vet said it had started to petrude around her spine so unfortunately they couldn't get to it all. Could it be cancer? If so what are my options? She's having problems with...
  19. Muffin&Crumble

    Recovery After Spay

    Hi Everyone, My first post so bear with me! On Monday my two little girls Muffin and Crumble underwent a spay. Crumble's behaviour had changed dramatically so our vet suspected an ovarian cyst, and recommended a spay - we decided it was best to also have Muffin spayed as keeping her intact...