opinions needed

  1. Lizzieejoyce

    Changed behaviour?

    Hello lovelies! Id like to think my two guinea pigs and I had bonded really well. They’d run up to the mesh to see me, squeak, popcorn, zoom etc. But I went away for a week and my partner looked after them. I got back, so excited to see them again and they didn’t come out of their huts, one...
  2. Bungie bunnies

    Just wondering?

    I’ve looked at the guniea pig cage sizes and know roughly how many I could have in my cage! but I was wondering on your own personal opinions my cage is 6,8ft long by 3,4ft wide with a second level of approx. 4ft x 2ft so the base is roughly 23.12 sq ft and the level is 8 sq ft so all together...
  3. M

    Which piggies should I get?

    Hi I’m new to the forum, just a query on what people’s opinions are over getting a pair of male piggies or females, the female pair in question are a couple of weeks older but the breeder says one of them is quite skittish. I’ll attach a photo. I’ve only ever had females before but apparently...
  4. T

    Sherwood Pet Health Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids

    Hi All, Just wanted to know if anyone has tried this product? Would you advise it would be a good form of providing vitamin C to guinea pigs? Thanks! :) Amazon.com : Sherwood Pet Health Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids (100 Tablets - 60 Grams) : Pet Supplies
  5. Nstheboss

    Burst abcess on guinea pig jaw

    Hi, I'm looking for a final opinion before I have my Guinea pig put to sleep. About a month ago I noticed a small lump on her jaw, prior to this she had lost weight and had been off her food. I took her to an exotic vet who told me that it is a jaw abcess that requires surgery which will cost a...
  6. Lil3piggies

    Which Nuggets?

    Hi guys! I’m currently looking on pets at home at nuggets for the little guys but there’s just so many! Currently they’re on pets at home nuggets but they’re about to run out. In your opinions which nuggets are best? (I’ll slowly introduce new nuggets when I get them to get them used to them...
  7. bumbling-bambi

    Red And Sore Looking Nipple (boar)

    Hi everyone I haven't posted in a while! Ive noticed this evening that one of my boars has a rather red and sore looking nipple! I am working on taking some photos and trying to gently feel around the area to work out if it is tender or not but alas i need another pair of hands! (other half is...