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outside piggies

  1. Luvx

    Inside —> Outside.

    hey so my mom basically is saying my guinea pigs have to go outside because she doesn’t want anymore inside animals and i was wondering how i could properly take care of them especially in this heat it’s usually over 80 degrees everyday, she said i can put them under the carport. Tips needed...
  2. C

    Putting Guinea pigs outside UK

    I have 2 male Guinea pigs and their currently in a cage, their outdoor hut is a lot bigger but I’m not sure when they can go outside. During the day it’s 21 degrees but of a night time it drops to 12 degrees according to the weather app. They have currently been out of a day and in at night. I...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Outside or Inside?

    I’m having a bit of a dilemma at the moment and I’m honestly torn. I have kept all of my Guinea pigs indoors and they’ve all occupied my bedroom- a nice warm room that I frequent so they get human interaction loads and I can cuddle them as much as I want lol. I love having them next to...
  4. N

    Setting up home - outdoor playhouse

    So I am buying piggies this summer, 2 girls. I am setting things up this month before we get them. I have bought a small playhouse, 4x4, I am planning to insulate with reflective bubble insulation and then go over with plywood. First question is how far up the wall do I need to cover with...
  5. A

    Noisy Dogs

    Hi there! I am going to buy a guinea pig next year and had been wondering about this. So I am going to put my piggies outside on a hutch on our backyard. Then there are my dogs... Will the piggies be afraid when dogs bark? And one more... Is it okay to pair up male guinea pigs? Thank you very...
  6. K

    Putting Back Outside

    my 3 guinea pigs have been in the shed since late October. I was wondering the people who have outside Guinea pigs when do you consider putting them back outside. I know it won’t be any time soon.. but I need to get a new hutch! We live in the UK and have a relatively sheltered garden.. they...
  7. ToastandBeans

    Outside Time

    Beans decided that outside time is time for a stealth mission! The fluffy jumper is the best food you can find but it's impossible to chew! How about leggings? Nope. Let's try the jumper again... Toast just watching Beans's failing mission :luv: Beans and Toast cwtching up to me as I type :)
  8. MJG

    Found An Old Run Down Summer Project

    So guys , me hunting around on eBay I've found an outside hutch with a run underneath , so this will allow me to put them out everyday as the top will be stuffed with hay and warm and the bottom will be on grass so even if it does drizzle they'll have somewhere to hide ! It cost 99p but I think...
  9. Bob24

    C&g Cages & Winter Advice

    Hello, after a few squabbles we have bought a C&G cage and our boys in our children's shed for winter. Can anyone share pictures of a winter set up? We are looking at a heater. At the minute I've clipped a fleece round the top area and putting in extra hay in. I bought two fleece beds, but they...