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ovarian cyst

  1. dannif_piggies

    Advice on Spaying a six year old piggy

    So back around May time, Honey was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, and the options we were given was to spay or have a hormone impnat put into the scruff of her neck. Obviously the spay would be a permanent fix, but the implant would cause less distress, and potentially be "safer" for Honey due to...
  2. Gemm

    Ovarian cysts

    Hi I took my guinea pig, Cleo (3 years 10 months) for a vet appointment today as there was blood in her urine. Other than that she is eating/drinking/pooping as normal and is her normal self. The vet had a feel, couldn’t take a urine because there was nothing in her bladder and said it’s...
  3. PinkCoatGirl

    Ovarian Cancer

    My poorly Lilly pig is just shy of her 3rd birthday and has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I noticed blood in her urine, the only sign that anything was wrong. And with her cage mate not long having recovered from a UTI I took Lilly to the vets. I knew something was amiss as there was no...
  4. sazmatazz

    Ovarian Cysts - Draining Procedure In Older Guineas

    Hi everyone. I've been meaning to post about Mabel's cyst situation for a while in the hope that it might be helpful to others. We've now had Mabel for 4.5 years, when we got her from a rescue we were told she was 3-4 yrs, so she's around 7-8 years old. Our old lady piggy <3 In the last couple...
  5. Danielle Smith

    Ovarian Cysts Apparently Resolved, But Behaviour Continues + Other Physical Symptoms

    My girl Tablet started showing signs of ovarian cysts a few months ago after her babies were weaned; complete change of behaviour (previously very quiet, not the rumbling humping terror she is now), fat redistribution, crusty nipples. No noticeable hair loss, but she is a sheltie. I took her to...
  6. Danielle Smith

    Pig Needs Separated, Is Very Upset Even Though She Can See And Smell Others. What To Do?

    My poor Tablet has had ongoing issues with ovarian cysts for a while now. We got her a hormone injection and it seemed to work but unfortunately in the past week or so things have come back worse than ever. All three girls are having a very strong season right now and last night Tablet would...
  7. Squeak Dreams

    Urgent - Bumble Foot And Possible Ovarian Cyst

    Hi this is a real emergency I have 4 female guinea pigs all 3 years old. One of my guinea pigs bubbles has got bumble foot which we have been told is a fungal infections in the foot . We have been given anti biotics and Metacan, neither have worked. We've also been given a cleaner to clean her...
  8. W

    Young Sow Cysts

    A couple weeks ago I noticed Bubbles had two lumps on each side of her belly, near her legs. I felt Nymeria and kind of felt something too so I assumed it was just normal and it was her organs. Just a few days ago I found out you can feel ovarian cysts in guinea pigs. Could it be cysts? I don't...
  9. E

    Ovarian Cysts?

    Hi I have two female guinea pigs that are either 3 or 4 years old. They both eat and drink except that when I try to take them out to exercise they just sit in the corner but I think they just are scared. My concern is that one of my piggies nipples are crusty. The right one is bigger and...
  10. sarahpiggies

    Likely Ovarian Cysts, Spay Or Other Treatment?

    Hello everyone - I'm looking for advice on whether to go for a spay operation for my piggie Twiglet. I brought her into the exotics vet at Holly House in Leeds a week and a half ago as I suspected ovarian cysts. She has lost weight (usually 1kg, now hovering around 900 - 930g and her ribcage is...