1. ashleemelda

    What To Chew On?

    About 3-4 weeks ago, I moved my guinea pigs into a new, larger cage. Since moving them in there, they have shown absolutely no interest in the cardboard and toilet paper rolls I leave around for them to chew on - they would go crazy for them in their old cage! Based on this, I was wondering what...
  2. Gemm24

    Cheaper hay?

    Hi everyone I have 4 guinea pigs and They have oxbow orchard timothy blend hay. They get through 5kg per month and it costs me £44. Do you know of any cheaper hey but is of equal or even better quality? I want to give my pigs the best but don’t want to break the bank. Thanks
  3. P

    Oxbow Pellets

    Hello! I am from Spain and I have some doubts about the Oxbow pellets. I have seen that they have changed the formula of the Oxbow Essential and that now it is much worse. So I think the best I can give them is Oxbow, but seeing that they have changed the formula, I do not know what to give them...
  4. Chancey

    Oxbow Pellets

    Hi there! I was wondering if it's possible to give the adult pellets to those younger than six months? Or if I had to feed them the young ones? I have five piggies (a group of three and a pair) that I hope to introduce soon. The group of three are almost 4 months - though they were unsure of...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Hay Suitable For Bladder Piggy

    I ordered the sample pack of hay from The Hay Experts for the pigs to try and it's just arrived, came with lots of freebies too :drool: I've been reading on here that certain hays aren't great for pigs with bladder issues like readigrass maybe..? Toast is on a diuretic and cystophan to...
  6. MapleLeafPigs

    When To Switch Pellets

    My boars are currently eating oxbow young guinea pig essentials. They're four months apart in age however. Jasper just turning 8 months and Neville about to turn 4 months. I know the packagING says up to one year and many vets reccommend one year but I don't want to switch neville too soon...
  7. buttonlove

    Best Guinea Pig Nuggets In The Uk?

    Hi all! So I've just been told by another piggy friend, that the Burgess Excell Nuggets aren't very good for piggies - due to the lucerine & molasses. Now, I already knew about the molasses, but thought the benefit of the food outwayed that. However Lucerine stands for Alfalfa! Which I am not...