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  1. NoiNoi

    Some Advice For Handling / Bonding? Also An Odd Noise!

    Hello all! Some of you may know, recently we had a loss in my household as little Ozzy passed away. :( It's been a short while now, and yesterday we went to rehome some rescue piggies from a close-by shelter. We held many of the little sweethearts, but eventually, we decided on a pair to take...
  2. adelhide

    Female Pair, Together Almost Two Years Fall Out?

    ok i have had my girls for almost 2 years. they usually get along ok, never great, but lately wicca has been particularly aggressive, and by lately i mean on and off for two months. she has been rumblestrutting a lot (even tried to rumblestrut me), and chasing turtle around, and biting her bum...