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  1. cola.thepig

    My piggy isn't eating hay and he has mites

    Hello, i am new in this forum. And english isn't my first language so if i make any mistakes please excuse me! 🥲 I had 2 guinea pigs, and one of them (his name was Chips) sadly passed away recently. And Cola (8 months, male) is still with us. I took him to vet after his mate passed away. The vet...
  2. J


    I’ve kept guinea pigs for three years now. I started off with two long hairs (Pebbles and Pretzel) and a year later added another (Pip). I’ve had Pip for two years now and when I’d not had her for very long I thought she had some kind of mite. The older piggies are blonde and grey/brown but Pip...
  3. L

    Has anyone had parasites- Klossiella?

    So long story short I have had 9 of my pigs die since December. I spent $2000 at the vet trying to figure it out and finally we have answers. Not 100% but based on what they found in the tissue the vet is assuming this is all it is- They found necrotising hepatitis in his adrenal gland...
  4. M

    Guinea pig faecal sample

    Hi, I posted about my 3y/o guinea pig Tony Moly a couple of months ago because he was gradually losing a lot of weight. About a year ago he was 1175g he’s now 930g. I have taken him to the vet several times since mid may for tests - blood test (he was found to be borderline anaemic but nothing...
  5. L

    Post-parasite diarrhea and weight loss

    Hi. My guinea pigs - Gus and Moe - are both 4 years old. They’ve been lifelong mates. Around 2 months ago, Gus feel seriously ill with weight loss, diarrhea, and bloating. He was tested for parasites at the local emergency vet and it came back positive. They had us send in a sample for Moe, too...
  6. T

    Lice help?

    Hiya, Unfortunately I'm back with more (different) skin issues. I noticed some tiny white worm-looking things moving in my guineas fur - I think they're lice, but will get them checked by a vet to be sure and get treatment for them. I have noticed them scratching a bit, but no...
  7. C

    Guinea Pigs Have Lice?

    I noticed today that my 2 male guinea pigs seem to be very irritable and itching themselves much more than usual. When I tried to pick them up they chittered angrily and did not want to be picked up. After I wrangled one, I looked at his fur an noticed there were moving parasites on his back...
  8. W

    Hair loss around eye

    Hi, I noticed a few weeks back that my piggy Nymeria had a watery right eye, she tends to have that some times so I didn't really worry too much though I'd still check to see if she had a URI or something like that every day. Today I picked her up and the skin around her eye had lost a bit of...
  9. Prasiddha

    Black Or Brown Microscopic Spots On White Fur

    hi, Need help. My guinea pig fluffy has microscopic spots on her white fur. Is it some kind of parasite. What could be the treatment. I am in India need help with medicine if it is some kind of parasite. I have attached images of her.
  10. TheLottiediarys

    Rabbit With Head Tilt, Do I Let Her Fall Over Or Try To Help Her?

    Hi guys, some might know that Floppsy our rabbit is poorly with a suspected Parasite, its caused her to have Head Tilt and balance issues, Shes been very unbalanced today, Keeps falling onto her side and rolling around frantically to try to get upright, my question is this: When she falls like...
  11. Cherrychops100

    What Are These? Mites, Lice, Flees, Dandruff?!

    hi there, I have 8 female Guinea pigs (they live in 2 ground of 4) The big ginger and white American one is 10 months, the big blonde and white Abyssinian is 9 months. They both live with 3 other Guinea pigs who are all the same age, roughly 2.5 months, their bedding is simple newspaper, they...