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  1. R

    Discomfort going to the toilet!

    Hiya, booked a vet appointment but thought I'd post on here to see if anyone can give advice. My 4 almost 5 yo piggy has started to squeal whilst pooping and peeing, it started a couple of days ago but seemed better this morning and now worse again. He seems to be uncomfortable. Also noticed he...
  2. O

    Guinea pig discolored pee/poo

    photo Hi, i have a guinea pig around 11 mo to a year, she’s starting having a weird discoloration in her pee and poop. She does her business in the same corner so it’s hard to tell. I just started giving her cilantro but don’t think that’s the case. Can anyone help? I’m concerned and it’s late...
  3. Sr. Cappu

    My guinea pig COMES to pee on me

    Hello, My piggy and I are new to this forum. I have a female guinea pig for 2 months already. I was told it was 5month old when I received it so it should be around 7months old. I have been very pleased the first month, but started to be puzzled then. I have two problems with her, and I think...
  4. N

    Hardened Fleece.

    Hi all, Where my boars decide to do their businesses (usually inside their huts) the fleece has gotten rediculously hard. Like rock hard. I try to use pee pads but they don't seem to prevent the issue and it's got to an unmanageble point. I have 2 other boars in a different cage that also use...
  5. A

    Weird pee?

    Hello, i am a new come here but i hope i can get help about this. I have a guinea pig, named phil, he was had a weird pee as its consistency looks like a gel. Does anybody know about this? 🥲
  6. Arekkisu

    UTI recovery help

    Hey all! TLDR: Guinea pig not peeing a lot, any foods or methods to help him pee better? My guinea pig Biscuit (M 4½) has had a nasty case of UTI, took him to the vet on saturday and vet perscribed metacam (the special one for guinea pigs) and enrocare Since saturday hes gone from wheeking...
  7. Shaivy

    Pee color

    Guys I am a bit unsure if my piggie’s pee color is normal or not. it seems pinkish. She is otherwise fine Is this fine color. I did feed her some tomato pieces so not sure if it is coz of that.
  8. L

    Blood in pee?

    Hey everyone! My boys Lenny and Rupert a nearly 9 weeks old now, both seem absolutely fine - popcorning and eating 24/7. The night before last I noticed some dark pee on one of their new white beds (so showed up very obviously) it was almost a rusty/red colour so I immediately worried it had...
  9. Dixiebaby3

    White guinea pig is always getting dirty

    My white guinea pig, Oreo has been getting dark yellow pee stains on her rear a lot more than before. Sometimes she gets so wet I can’t even hold her! Today I gave her a bum bath, but she still has a bit of yellow underneath her. I trimmed her hair just a little bit in the back but she is an...
  10. L

    Female Piggy Crust On Bum Area

    I don't know if it's her bum area, but my female guinea pig has yellowish whiteish crust on her pee/poo area and I don't know what to do. She seems OK, but I am a bit worried.
  11. ashleemelda

    Orange/Rust-Colored Urine, Result of Medication?

    My girls went to the vet on Monday, December 2 and were prescribed Bene-Bac Plus Microbial Gel (given by mouth once daily for 10 days) and Bactrim/SMZ-TMP (given by mouth twice daily for 10 days) to aid in what she believed was the start of an infection. Since then, I have noticed that their...
  12. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    They’re getting tricker...

    They’re getting smarter... They’re finding better ways to hide the pee
  13. leahplayne

    Red/Orange Pee

    Recently one of my two guinea pigs (I can’t figure out which one) took a pee while out on a mat playing. I went to go wipe it up and noticed the colour is not normal compared to the normal colour of their pee. Does this look concerning? Should I speak to a vet or could it be something they...
  14. HeatherW

    Too Much Calcium In Wee?

    Is this something I should be concerned about, thinking further down the line? I moved to fleece from shavings a week or so ago and this is the first time I've seen what I assume is calcium in dried-out wee. I know wee is often a creamy colour anyway and my piggies are behaving perfectly...
  15. C

    When To Be Worried? Brown Pee?

    I currently have a 8-9 month old boar, his brother recently had stones ( vet said that it was a genetic thing as I feed them hay, veggies barely any pellets or treat, daily vitamin c supplement (oxbow), nothing that could of caused stones at such a young age) and I. Am now worried for him. He...
  16. Piggy996

    Peeing And Staying Outside During Winter

    Hello, my Piggy is 2months old (and he's single for now, hopefully we'll get him a companion soon). Since we live in a building, unfortunately we can't take him outside but we give him some floor time on balcony where he runs around and hides. His cage is also on the balcony and there weren't...
  17. G

    Normal Urine Color? (pictures Attached)

    I had my piggies out on a pee pad today while I cleaned their cage.. when I was done, I noticed one of them had peed a bright pink color. It dried the same color. Is this normal?
  18. P

    White Spots In Cage For Two Weeks

    My Guinea pig is about 10 weeks old and for two weeks now she's had white spots in her cage. I know it's excess calcium, but how long does it last or what should I do? I've changed her piggy food thinking it might have too much calcium and she hasn't had celery or carrots in awhile. Thank you! :)
  19. Ginnyandpia

    Piggy Peeing?

    Ginny Pig has started a new thing where she pees on my mom... She'll sit for a cuddle for about 15 minutes and then she'll just let loose with the pee and poop right on my mom. She has only ever peed on me once when she was on antibiotics. She usually poops when being held so that's not a...
  20. Chlawee

    Smelly Cage!

    Hi everyone, I've been using fleece for my babies cage and I recently bought some new fleece. I recently got another piggy and my cage is starting to smell a little more? I'm not sure why. I was thinking of putting puppy pads underneath to soak up any pee? Or does anyone have any better...