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pets at home

  1. E

    Guinea pig from PAH - suspect ringworm or fungal infection on ears

  2. L

    Need friend for bereaved piggy

    Hello, my first post on here! Sadly one of my piggies passed away last week. My bereaved piggy has just started to perk up a little bit, although not eating as much as she normally does. I’m trying to find her a friend and I’ve phoned almost every rescue near me but no one has a single sow...
  3. Ninarodders

    Pellet help please

    Hi, I'm new here and a new piggy owner. I got my 2 boys from someone who used to work with my husband. Einstein is around a year and Darwin is around 5 months. They came with pets at home nuggets. Now looking at the ingredients alfalfa is no 1 on the list and worried I need to switch food. I've...
  4. Caramelchip18

    Partners rats from pets at home may be sick, advice needed.

    Just as the title says, if the rat is sick and he takes it back to pets at home will they help, check it themselves or what? anybody have experience taking bought sick animals back to pets at home?
  5. D

    Pets at Home

    Hello, I am thinking about getting 2 guinea pigs. I DO NOT HAVE A RESCUE CENTRE ANYWHERE NEAR ME Buying 2 guinea pigs from pets at home, do they check the GPs out via their vets? Make sure they are not pregnant and are the sex they say they are etc
  6. ?

    how many guinea pigs can you get from pets at home?

    hi, i want to buy three female guinea pigs and i’m going to go to pets at home ( only because there are no adoption shelters near me at all) i was wandering if they had a two pet limit or if anyone has managed to buy three girls there before? thanks :)
  7. PiggiesAndPaws

    Pets At Home - Guinea Pig Christmas Parcel

    Hello there! Yesterday I went online and ordered the guinea Christmas parcel. I intended to get it last year but because it was a last minute thing they were out of stock. I made sure to order early this year. From what I know it’s a surprise box so I don’t know what will be inside it. I’m...
  8. Misty

    Pets At Home Are Improving?

    I looked at the leaflet from pets at home and it said "Please think about giving a home to some of the many rescue guinea pigs available for adoption in our " Support Adoption for Pets " adoption centre of other rescue centres across England and Wales.
  9. K

    I Have No Idea What Cage To Upgrade To

  10. Jesse's pigs

    Genuinely Nice Surprise

    Went to Pets@Home today to get another 1kg bag (I think lol its the biggest one they do) of Timothy hay. I know it's not the best value for money (actually think they messed up as the sign said £6.99 and I paid £4 something :whistle:) but Mo loves it and Steve has been on it since I got him...
  11. Gemm24

    Lone Guinea Pig

    hello! I have just been to pets at home for a specific toy my Guineas love and I saw a lone male Guinea in the adoption area. He is gorgeous (I know all piggies are) and I was told he has no health probs but is on his own because he "bullies" the others and can only be housed alone. He has...
  12. Bella123

    Advice On Vets In Birmingham Area.

    Hi, I was wondering if any one has used the following vets in Birmingham for guinea pigs? Vets for pets/ Pets at home - Chapal Lane, Selly Oak White cross vets - Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Oaks Veterinary centre - Watford rd, near Cotteridge. Pdsa - St matthews rd, Oldbury Rspca -...
  13. Daniie evans

    Hey Guys, New Pig Mommy Here!

    hello everyone! We have an adult female who was part of a triplet group but two died before we rescued her. She wasn't coping very well at being on her own so we got a baby girl to go with her. Upon getting home we realised pets at home are useless and it is a baby boy. We can't take him back as...
  14. CraigGlasgow

    Fed Up Of Mouldy Meadow Hay, Is A Timothy Only Diet Acceptable?

    So due to various reasons I've just moved my remaining pig Weasley's cage in to my bedroom yesterday evening. Gave it a thorough clean, disinfected, all new hay, toys, the works. The pigs have always slept in my room wheb we visit relatives back hime so I didn't forsee any issues with this. Went...
  15. squeakypigs01

    Guinea Pig Suffering Possible Depression

    :help: Hiya! We have had a very eventful few weeks guinea pig wise! Last week we very sadly lost our boar ginger due to old age and a resitory infection:(. However a few days after we were lucky to wake up to a cage full of five healthy babies and their proud mum. Ginger was neutered and lived...
  16. JoannaMarie

    Loud Sneezes But No Other Symptoms?

    Hi First of all, I have to admit to you guys that I did something I know none of you will approve of. I got a little guinea pig from Pets at Home. I can't drive and there are no approved rescues in my area, and the rescue I got my other guinea pig from in Nottingham was definitely not legit, as...