piggie advice

  1. C

    Where to keep my pigs while i'm out?

    I'm thinking of getting guinea pigs, but i go to church every sunday. I don't know if my church is pet friendly and i know i can't take them out every week. Should i leave them at home, or find a way to bring them with me?
  2. Piggiefriend

    !Piggie not quite usual!

    Hello! I have two guinea pigs aged 2 and 1 and the older one seemed a bit quiter today. She is eating but only if i place the food in her house and she is sometimes sleeping outside her house. She usually squeeks when i feed her which she didn’t do today, however she ate some parsley once i put...
  3. ?

    how many guinea pigs can you get from pets at home?

    hi, i want to buy three female guinea pigs and i’m going to go to pets at home ( only because there are no adoption shelters near me at all) i was wandering if they had a two pet limit or if anyone has managed to buy three girls there before? thanks :)
  4. A

    1 year old and 3 month old. What food is better?

    I have a 1 year and 1 month old guinea pig who lives in the same cage as a 3 month old guinea pig. Should I feed pellets and hay made for adult guinea pigs or ones made for baby guinea pigs?
  5. Tinychels

    Guinea pig nails crooked

    Hello! My young piggy, Ruby, has black nails. Since her birth (In the end of August), I’ve only cut her nails once. The first and last time I did so was in mid November. I went to the vet shortly after her birth to have a check up and asked how often should I cut her nails. The vet advised me...
  6. oofitsnaomi

    Taming Process

    Hi! I've had my two boys, Finn and Parker, for about a month and a half. They're settling in well. They've recognized my footsteps and wheek when I come up the stairs with food, I play ukulele for them every single night and they seem to really enjoy that (does anybody want to see a video of...
  7. L

    Two piggies finally!

    Hello again. Newer Owner here. So if you've read my other posts you'll know about my one piggy precious I've had her for 2 and a half months. Now one quick off topic question. If piggies are younger. Do they sleep a lot more than hours like most people say piggies sleep. Because my little...
  8. oofitsnaomi

    Cage Clean w/ Scared Guinea Pigs?

    Hi:D I have to do a cage clean today. I have had my piggies for a week now and they are lovely but still very scared (they're still settling in.) I don't know how I am going to get them out of their cage to clean it. My mom suggested that we block of some of their cage and lure them to go into...
  9. oofitsnaomi

    What do piggies like to do?

    I went shopping for guinea pig supplies yesterday to prepare for when I bring the piggies home and I got some things. Hideouts, bendy bridge, chew toys etc. I got the mandatory stuff. But what do guinea pigs like to do for fun? I know hamsters like puzzle toys but what do guinea pigs like to do...
  10. rinlalin

    Is My Bonding Going OK?

    hi guys! i just put chocolate and caramel together to start their bonding and these are the things that are happening so far. i can't record because moving too much makes them freeze up, so i hope you can gather good or bad from what i can give you! caramel (my bigger piggie) has been sitting...
  11. rinlalin

    General Questions!

    hello all! i just had a few questions about caring for my new piggie. 1) should i change the food pellets every day? i've heard some people say yes and some say no, but that would mean i'd be throwing away so much food. shouldn't i just wait until the bowl is almost empty? 2) same as above...
  12. rinlalin

    New Piggie Won't Eat Timothy Hay?

    hello all! i got a new piggie today to be a buddy for my bootsy, but when i went to pick him up, the cage he was in had NO timothy hay whatsoever. just pellets and water. the pigs were all healthy and plump, so it's not looking like they were starving. the boy i picked out ate some pellets on...
  13. rinlalin

    Super Young Piggie! Problems?

    hello all! as some of you may know, i'm a new-ish guinea pig owner. (backstory, the short version: got a guinea when i was 9/10, went to school, my grandma (who hated the poor little guy) drove it to the pet store and gave it to a random kid in the parking lot before i got home) i just got a...