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piggie health

  1. piggielover21

    Bonding a baby piggie with my two year old piggie HELP!

    HELP! So I've had two boys for two years both just over two years of age. Sadly recently I have lost one, he got poorly and had to be put to sleep :( . My boy Dexter has done amazing since, at first I could tell he missed him but six weeks on he's back to normal. He's a very fat fluffy pipgie...
  2. PiggyRush

    Guinea Pig Sleeping?

    Hi, today I had a very bad scare with one of my girls. Her names Ginger. Well today I had to feed them a But earlier then usual (about 2 hours) just because this weekend I'm leaving to to go visit someone 2 hours away so my mom will have to take care of them. Anyway. I put the veggies in each...
  3. Bethers

    Piggie Fungal Infection

    Hi, I hope someone can advice and reassure me. I'm new to guinea pigs, I have two little boys. Yesterday I noticed around Dexters eyes he had lost some hair and it looked sore i asked a couple of people and they said it's a fungal infection, I can't afford to take both the piggies to the...
  4. G

    Is My Guinea Pig Eating Too Much?

    I have a problem... I give my piggie hay worth a day and he finishes it in 30 minutes. Then, he cries out for more food. Please help me, I am worried I might give him too much food. I don't want to overweigh him. My mom says he's fine, but still I am worried. :(