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  1. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    New Cage For Piggies :)

    Okay so I think I found a cage that will work but I don’t trust myself so can the pig experts here tell me if this cage looks okay for two guinea pigs (who get along not as well I hoped they would yet sometimes manage)? It looks divided to me but can someone make sure? ;-; Thank you! <3
  2. oofitsnaomi

    Guinea Pigs and Cats?

    My adorable hamster is getting quite old and is nearing the end of his life in maybe the next six months. Although I love him so much and would never want him to die, I have been thinking about getting another pet after he crosses the rainbow bridge. My parents have been considering a cat, which...
  3. Iluvmyguineapigs

    The Caring Pigs Club!

    The Caring Pigs Club is now in session, you can join if you’re piggie is caring,willing,and is adventurous. Please send requests to my inbox. You need to include: The piggies name, why you chose him/her and 5 things you love about your piggie. Cory and Colt (picture will be shown) are the...
  4. oofitsnaomi

    Taming Process

    Hi! I've had my two boys, Finn and Parker, for about a month and a half. They're settling in well. They've recognized my footsteps and wheek when I come up the stairs with food, I play ukulele for them every single night and they seem to really enjoy that (does anybody want to see a video of...
  5. oofitsnaomi

    New Guinea Pigs Not Drinking

    Hi! I recently adopted two guinea pigs, Finn and Parker. Finn is cream and white, Parker is black, white and cream. Here is them in their travel cage when we were preparing to take them home! They're three months old. I put them in their cage. They won't come out of their little hut so I put...
  6. oofitsnaomi

    Can these foods be fed to piggies daily?

    Hi! Great news, it's confirmed that I am adopting two male guinea pigs! You can view their in depth profiles here: For Adoption Their favourite foods are Strawberry tops, mango pits, carrots, parsley, dandelions, and cucumber. Can these foods be fed daily to piggies? I am currently making a...
  7. rinlalin

    Can I Get A New Piggie?

    hello all! my piggie bootsy is in quarantine right now being cared for by staff for a URI. he's going to be there for at least another week. i was planning on getting new, dust free bedding, hides and some toys PLUS a new piggie for when he gets back. can i get another piggie today? should i...
  8. rinlalin

    Drop Pics of Your Piggies!

    hello all! my piggie was just seen by the vet and is being kept in quarantine until he's fully recovered. i'm super happy he's okay, but i'm also so sad because the house feels empty without my piggie! please drop pics of your little furbabies for me to look at until my baby bootsy can come...
  9. Celine298

    I'm Being Bullied For Grass...

    We had a late spring here in Ireland and most of the livestock (sheep/cattle) are only being let out to pasture in the past couple of weeks due to the poor grass growth. Thankfully, the grass is finally bursting into growth. Last week, I began picking fresh grass from the garden for the...
  10. UhreGuineas

    What Flowers Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

    Over the summer i plan in making a little garden for the piggies and was wondering what some good options are. I was thinking about marigolds, nasturtiums, and teddy bear sunflowers. If there is possibly more I could add to their garden, or if i should not get them one of the 3 i planned on...
  11. Julie M

    Top Trumps Piggies.

    Frankie is proud to be a top trump for March and April in GuineaPig magazine.
  12. ElizaCavies


    any ideas to what hays I should get and any nice and good quality hay on a budget and how I can see if it is good quality or not? Thanks for your help (in advance), ElizaCavies xx
  13. B

    Guinea Pig Chirping Research - Data Needed

    Hello everyone! Recently, (after spending a night sleepless every 2 weeks or so) I started wondering about the possible reasons for chirping (bird sounds) in guinea pigs. As is well-known, only a relatively small subset of all GPs produce this sound, and it always seem to occur at night...
  14. Lexipiggie

    Guinea Pig ... Pride And Prejudice

    thought I would share with you guys one of my Christmas presents Few pages... A really sweet message at the end
  15. Shadow22

    Herd Size

    This is probably a dumb question, but does it take a certain number of piggies to make a herd? Also, I want a good size herd but I'm not sure how many I should have. Any suggestions?
  16. Elke

    Introducing New (male) Guinea Pig - Advice Needed

    So, here's the situation: We have two guinea pigs (males), they've always been together (they're two years old). They behave normally, although we noticed that the alpha is mounting the other pig pretty often - but it was never anything dangerous for piggies. We have decided to adopt a new...
  17. C

    My Piggy Is Suddenly Very Agressive?

    I'm a new guinea pig owner and have two piggies, both a few months old. One of them, my first bought one, Leia, has suddenly become extremely agressive and nasty. Here is some maybe helpful background information: I bought Leia about two months ago now. She was very sweet and timid, loved to be...
  18. ToastandBeans

    Don't Bully My Piggies

    I heard woofing from mine and my sisters dog so I checked it out, they were both bullying my piggies. I never get angry and shout at my dog but this time I told them. Very loud. Nobody bullies my piggies.
  19. ToastandBeans

    Beans And Toast Now Eating Out Of My Hand

    So it was feeding time (Could tell by wheeking) so I got them some apple. I put some slices through and they took it out of my hand like normal. One slice they both came up for it so I was expecting a tug of apple. But nope! I was holding it and they both started nibbling it together while it...
  20. ToastandBeans

    Beans Now Hates Me

    Okay so I just got Beans out for a cuddle and she just ran so after 2 minutes I had to put her back in her cage because otherwise she would jump off the sofa and break a leg. She just runs off. Doesn't even stay on me for a minute :no: She used to be really cuddly and cwtchy and I don't know...